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Can you name the wrong answers that triggered the klaxons to these questions on QI?

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What is the name of the capital city of Thailand?
Complete the phrase: 'A chameleon changes colour to match its...'
What colour is water?
Where did Mr Chicken live?
According to Aristotle, how do hedgehogs make love?
What do you get if you suck your pencil for a long time?
What is 40 poles long and 4 poles wide?
What is the largest living thing on earth?
What is a 'Birmingham screwdriver'?
What noise does the largest frog in the world make?
What has huge teeth and only one facial expression?
What is the main ingredient of air?
Name a dinosaur beginning with 'B'
What did Mussolini do?
What rhymes with 'orange'
What was the name of Herod's wife?
What is the common name of the species Ursus arctos
Identify the following: Silly, Billy, Chilly, Pussy, Pissy, Corny, Punchy, Misery, Messy and Prat.
What happens if you cut an earthworm in half?
What was Gandhi's first name?

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