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Who carried Helle and Phrixus across the sea?
What name was adopted by this sea after Helle fell in?
Where did Jason have to go in order to get the golden fleece?
Who raised Jason?
Who stole the throne of Iolcus from Aeson, and therefore from Jason?
Who was the patron deity of Jason?
What magical object was placed at the helm of the Argo?
Who did the Argonauts meet during their first stop in Lemnos?
What mythological creatures harassed Phineas the seer?
What rock formation that Jason and his crew navigated through was nicknamed 'THE CLASHING ROCKS!!'
What lover of Jason was shot with Eros' arrow under direction from Athena and Hera?
What King of Colchis challenged Jason to a yoking of bronze footed bulls, and the slaying of dragon tooth warriors?
Who did Medea kill in order to hinder her father's military advances on Jason?
Whose daughters killed their own father accidentally by boiling him in a cauldron
What woman of Corinth did Jason leave Medea for?

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