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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 Greatest Actors/Actresses who have not won an Academy Award for acting (According to me, EMB87)?

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Rank/MovieActor/Actress(Acting) Oscar Nominations
1. Lawrence Of Arabia8
2. The Good The Bad And The Ugly2
3. City Lights1
4. North By Northwest2
5. Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?7
6. Bonnie & Clyde4
7. Spartacus3
8. The Aviator3
9. Dr. Strangelove2
10. West Side Story3
11. Singin' In The Rain1
12. Rebel Without A Cause2
13. Citizen Kane1
14. The Wizard Of Oz2
15. Raiders Of The Lost Ark1
16. Ninotchka4
17. This Sporting Life2
18. The Sting1
19. The Great Escape1
20. The Night Of The Hunter1
21. The Seven Year ItchNONE
22. American Beauty4
23. The Big Sleep1
24. The Great White Hope1
25. Tom Jones5
Rank/MovieActor/Actress(Acting) Oscar Nominations
26. Some Like It Hot1
27. The Towering Inferno1
28. Dracula (1992)NONE
29. Easy Rider1
30. Of Mice & Men (1992)2
31. Rosemary's BabyNONE
32. Reservoir Dogs1
33. Dangerous Liaisons5
34. Pulp Fiction1
35. Edward Scissorhands3
36. Schindler's List1
37. The English Patient2
38. The Godfather1
39. The Exorcist1
40. Good Will Hunting2
41. The Lord Of The Rings2
42. Young Frankenstein1
43. Apocalypse NowNONE
44. Pollock4
45. The Boondock Saints2
46. Jerry Maguire3
47. The Last Station1
48. American History X2
49. A History Of Violence1
50. Chaplin2

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