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Which Actress does Monica want her hair to be like?The One with Ross' New Girlfriend
Which friend is the first to try Carol's breast milk?The One with the Breast Milk
Which scientific fact does Phoebe torment Ross with by saying she doen't believe in it?The One where Heckles Dies
What is Phoebe's Gay Canadian Husbands Job The One with Phoebe's Husband
What band did Ross, Monica and Chandler go and see as a birthday present for Ross?The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant
Central Perk hires a differnet musician to Phoebe, what is this musicians name?The One with the Baby on the Bus
What animal do Ross and Julie decide to get as a couple?The One where Ross finds out
What is the name of the chocolate alternative that Monica has to create recipes for?The One with the List
What country does Phoebe's grandmother say Phoebe's father lives in?The One with Phoebe's Dad
At the end of this episode who falls for the Ross lookalike Russ?The One with Russ
When Carol's parents say they won't walk her down the aisle, who ends up doing it instead?The One with the Lesbian Wedding
Ross decides to visit Marcel at the zoo but where is the zoo that Ross gave Marcel away to?The One after the Superbowl: Part One
Which famous actor does Monica have a crush on?The One after the Superbowl: Part Two
On Monica's and Rachel's prom video who is Rachel going to the Prom with? The One with the Prom Video
How many years older than Monica is Richard?The One where Ross and Rachel... You Know
What is the tattoo that Phoebe initially wants to get before she backs out of it?The One where Joey Moves Out
Which of Phoebe's songs does she get to record and make a video of?The One where Eddie Moves in
In this episode Joey's DOOL career ends, but what does DOOL stand for?The One where Dr Ramoray Dies
When all of Joey's possessions in his new apartment get taken away what porcelain animal does Ross buy for Joey?The One where Eddie Won't Go
What was Ben's first word?The One where Old Yeller Dies
Where do Ross and Chandler meet the bullies that steal Chandler's cap?The One with the Bullies
Which friend kisses Rachel's Mom at the end of Monica's party?The One with the Two Parties
What is the name of the imaginary character that Joey pretends to be at work with Chandler?The One with the Chicken Pox
Which song does Rachel sing at Barry and Mindy's wedding?The One with Barry and Mindy's wedding

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