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Can you name the answers to League of Legends Trivia from A-Z? *All answers are ordered alphabetically*

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One of the five known remaining members of the Darkin race
Item that replaced Madred's Bloodrazor to deal with health stacking champions
Champion with the highest base autoattack range in the game
Producer of hit songs such as Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal
Summoner spell that reduces movement speed as well as offensive and defensive stats
Rengar's resource mechanic
Jinx's passive ability
Line of Valentine's themed skins
Respawnable structure that appears on Summoner's Rift
If you aren't a laner, you are this role
'The Deathsinger' and current vocalist for Pentakill
Originally intended to be part of the release roster, this champion was scrapped and then re-released in 2011
Killing these increases your creep score while generating gold and experience
HintAnswers A-Z
Destroy this structure to win the game (and earn 50 gold)
Hecarim's ultimate ability
Champion who shares the highest base movement speed with Master Yi
Item with an active that removes all debuffs from user
The only objects not purchasable with RP in the store (obsolete)
Lucian's deceased wife, taken by Thresh
A legendary item that allows you to deal tons of damage
Braum's shield ability
Quinn's eagle partner
Lulu's ultimate ability
'The Magus Ascendant'
Champion who generates 'Flow' upon movement to create a temporary shield
The birthplace of Viktor, Singed, and Jinx

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