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Forced Order
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Former Capital of East Berlin
played Sofia on the Golden Girls
highest grossing Tom Hanks movie
most recent Supreme Court Justice
longest serving Supreme Court Justice
Host of X-Factor USA
Invented Bi-Focals
Invented cure for rabies
Star of The Jeffersons and Amen
Largest Church in Yorkshire
Elton John`s biggest selling single
Ran against George W. Bush in 2004
only female prime minister of Canada
name of Montreal soccer team
Former Brooklyn baseball team
played Mr. Furley on Three`s Company
Capital of Florida
Location of Le Grande Casino
Dr. Will`s last name
extreme fear of experiencing panic
longest tenured wrestler still in WWE
nickname given Florida`s electric chair
David Koresh`s cult
First African American Baseball player
prime minister of Australia
Rihanna`s first number one single
Olivia Benson actress
Jack McCoy actor
Book featuring Ferdinand King of Navarre
GOP Speaker of the House in the 1990`s
what you call a referee in Baseball
second richest man in America
Muslim country where prostitution is legal
Harmonica Player on America`s got Talent
Shifting _______ Interest in law
Peter Gabriel`s biggest hit
Gnarls Barkley: Ce Lo Green and:
Navy, Army, Air Force and
Host of Amazing Race
host of this years Oscar`s
Nazi propaganda minister

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