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Can you name the GCSE Vocab 13 (Law and Order)?

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Forced Order
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capio, capere, cepi, captus
nomen, nominis, n.
punio, punire, punivi, punitus
celo, celare, celavi, celatus
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi + dat
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus
ira, irae, f.
fidelis, fidele
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus
vulnus, vulneris, n.
intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectus
miser, misera, miserum
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptus
puto, putare, putavi, putatus
iratus, irata, iratum
oro, orare, oravi, oratus
scelus, sceleris, n.
propter + acc
infelix, infelicis
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus
rapio, rapere, rapui, raptus
malus, mala, malum

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