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Forced Order
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octavus, octava, octavum
centum, indeclinable
tredecim, indeclinable
sex, indeclinable
trecenti, trecentae, trecenta
duodeviginti, indeclinable
quadraginta, indeclinable
quattuor, indeclinable
secundus, secunda, secundum
tertius, tertia, tertium
sedecim, indeclinable
novem, indeclinable
quattuordecim, indeclinable
septimus, septima, septimum
tres, tres, tria
quintus, quinta, quintum
unus, una, unum
primus, prima, primum
decem, indeclinable
duodecim, indeclinable
quinque, indeclinable
quinquaginta, indeclinable
undeviginti, indeclinable
octo, indeclinable
quindecim, indeclinable
sextus, sexta, sextum
decimus, decima, decimum
quartus, quarta, quartum
quingenti, indeclinable
ducenti, ducentae, ducenta
triginta, indeclinable
undecim, indeclinable
mille, indeclinable
nonus, nona, nonum
quadringenti, quadringentae, quadringenta
septendecim, indeclinable
septem, indeclinable
viginti, indeclinable
duo, duae, duo

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