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Can you name the AS Vocab 27 (Numbers and Time Part II)?

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Forced Order
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pauci, paucae, pauca
solum, indeclinable
nunc, indeclinable
nox, noctis, f
prius, indeclinable
tantum, indeclinable
semel, indeclinable
tempus, temporis, n
reliquus, reliqua, reliquum
prior, prioris
tandem, indeclinable
postquam, indeclinable
post, indeclinable
quisque, quaeque, quidque
nondum, indeclinable
omnino, indeclinable
ullus, ulla, ullum
uterque, utraque, utrumque
saepe, indeclinable
postea, indeclinable
semper, indeclinable
umquam, indeclinable
nonnulli, nonnullae, nonnulla
tum, indeclinable
postremus, postrema, postremum
totus, tota, totum
vesper, vesperis or vesperi, m

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