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Forced Order
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paene, indeclinable
aedifico, aedificare, aedificavi, aedificatus
numerus, numeri, m
parvus, parva, parvum
modus, modi, m
urbs, urbis, f
usus, usus, m
negotium, negotii, n
donum, doni, n
dives, divitis
opus, operis, n
pecunia, pecuniae, f
olim, indeclinable
diligens, diligentis
mercator, mercatoris, m
res, rei, f
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus
argentum, argenti, n
pario, parere, peperi, partus
pretium, pretii, n
dolus, doli, m
peritus, perita, peritum + gen or abl
culpa, culpae, f
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus
pauper, pauperis
mane, indeclinable
usui est,
potior, potiri, potitus sum + gen or abl

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