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Forced Order
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hodiernus, hodierna, hodiernum
hostia, hostiae (f)
grātulātiō, grātulātiōnis (f)
genus, generis (n)
impōnō, impōnere, imposuī, impositum
impetrō, impetrāre, impetrāvī, impetrātum
gladiātor, gladiātōris (m)
humilis, humilis, humile
haereō, haerēre, haesī, haesum
immānis, immānis, immāne
horreō, horrēre, horruī
gradus, gradūs (m)
improbus, improba, improbum
impellō, impellere, impulī, impulsum
gemma, gemmae (f)
imitor, imitārī, imitātus sum
hērēditās, hērēditātis (f)
impius, impia, impium
glōrior, glōriārī, glōriātus sum
hasta, hastae (f)
horrendus, horrenda, horrendum
ignōtus, ignōta, ignōtum
fūrtum, fūrtī (n)
imber, imbris (m)
impedīmentum, impedīmentī (n)
hesternus, hesterna, hesternum
imprōvīsus, imprōvīsa, imprōvīsum
gemō, gemere, gemuī, gemitum
gravitās, gravitātis (f)
gracilis, gracilis, gracile
hērēs, hērēdis (m/f)
grex, gregis (m)
gemitus, gemitūs (m)
impiger, impigra, impigrum
horridus, horrida, horridum
immineō, imminēre
furor, furōris (m)
imperītus, imperīta, imperītum
idōneus, idōnea, idōneum
grandis, grandis, grande
gēns, gentis (f)
illūstris, illūstris, illūstre
gubernō, gubernāre, gubernāvī, gubernātum
ignārus, ignāra, ignārum
grātiōsus, grātiōsa, grātiōsum

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