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Forced Order
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confīdo, confīdere, confīsus sum (+dat)
concursus, concursūs (m)
conciliō, conciliāre, conciliāvī, conciliātum
contumēlia, contumēliae (f)
condō, condere, condidī, conditum
cor, cordis (n)
cōnspiciō, cōnspicere, cōnspexī, cōnspectum
cōnsīdō, cōnsīdere, cōnsēdī, cōnsessum
convertō, convertere, convertī, conversum
cōnfiteor, cōnfitērī, cōnfessus sum
concitō, concitāre, concitāvī, concitātum
cōnscius, cōnscia, cōnscium
contingō, contingere, contigī, contāctum
condemnō, condemnāre, condemnāvī, condemnātum
cōnfugiō, cōnfugere, cōnfūgī
convocō, convocāre, convocāvī, convocātum
cōnsūmō, cōnsūmere, cōnsūmpsī, cōnsūmptum
cōntiō, cōntiōnis (f)
cōnservō, cōnservāre, cōnservāvī, cōnservātum
continuus, continua, continuum
cōnspectus, cōnspectūs (m)
concilium, conciliī (n)
commūnicō, commūnicāre, commūnicāvī, commūnicātum
concidō, concidere, concidī
cōnsuētūdō, cōnsuētūdinis (f)
cōnscientia, cōnscientiae (f)
cōnsentiō, cōnsentīre, cōnsēnsī, cōnsēnsum
comperiō, comperīre, comperī, compertum
cōnserō, cōnserere, cōnseruī, cōnsertum
contentus, contenta, contentum
comprehendō, comprehendere, comprehendī, comprehēnsum
complector, complectī, complexus sum
condiciō, condiciōnis (f)
contentiō, contentiōnis (f)
commendō, commendāre, commendāvī, commendātum
cōnsuēscō, cōnsuēscere, cōnsuēvī, cōnsuētum
cōnspicuus, cōnspicua, cōnspicuum
conventus, conventūs (m)
compōnō, compōnere, composuī, compositum
cōnsecrō, cōnsecrāre, cōnsecrāvī, cōnsecrātum
conquīrō, conquīrere, conquīsiī/conquīsīvī, conquīsītum

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