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Forced Order
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cliēns, clientis (m)
celeber, celebris, celebre
calidus, calida, calidum
color, colōris (m)
cīvīlis, cīvīlis, cīvīle
certō, certāre, certāvī, certātum
circumdō, circumdāre, circumdedī, circumdatum
cessō, cessāre, cessāvī, cessātum
certāmen, certāminis (n)
celebrō, celebrāre, celebrāvī, celebrātum
cervix, cervīcis (f)
collocō, collocāre, collocāvī, collocātum
collum, collī (n)
citō, citāre, citāvī, citātum
citrā (+acc)
citerior, citerius
bellō, bellāre, bellāvī, bellātum
citus, cita, citum
cantō, cantāre, cantāvī, cantātum
canō, canere, cecinī, cantum
capillus, capillī (m)
colligō, colligere, collēgī, collēctum
calamitās, calamitātis (f)
cingō, cingere, cīnxī, cīnctum
circiter (+acc)
candidus, candida, candidum
cinis, cineris (m/f)
bracchium, bracchiī (n)
carmen, carminis (n)
cavus, cava, cavum
coerceō, coercēre, coercuī, coercitum
caveō, cavēre, cāvī, cautum
coiciō, coicere, coiēcī, coiectum
balneum, balneī (n)
benevolentia, benevolentiae (f)
commemorō, commemorāre, commemorāvī, commemorātum
caecus, caeca, caecum
collēga, collēgae (m)
carcer, carceris (m)
calamitōsus, calamitōsa, calamitōsum
coma, comae (f)
captīvus, captīvī (m)
carpō, carpere, carpsī, carptum

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