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amnis, amnis (m)
anceps, ancipitis
ardeō, ardēre, arsī, arsum
aptus, apta, aptum
appetō, appetere, appetiī/appetīvī, appetītum
arceō, arcēre, arcuī
anima, animae (f)
aura, aurae (f)
ambitus, ambitūs (m)
avus, avī (m)
ancora, ancorae (f)
āvertō, āvertere, āvertī, āversum
amplitūdō, amplitūdinis (f)
auctor, auctōris (m)
albus, alba, album
assiduus, assidua, assiduum
āmentia, āmentiae (f)
atrōx, atrōcis
asper, aspera, asperum
assequor, assequī, assecūtus sum
ambitiō, ambitiōnis (f)
arō, arāre, arāvī, arātum
asportō, asportāre, asportāvī, asportātum
artificium, artificiī (n)
arduus, ardua, arduum
agitō, agitāre, agitāvī, agitātum
avidus, avida, avidum
auris, auris (f)
artifex, artificis (m)
avāritia, avāritiae (f)
aspiciō, aspicere, aspexī, aspectum
arēna, arēnae (f)
arguō, arguere, arguī, argūtum
arcus, arcūs (m)
angustus, angusta, angustum
aquila, aquilae (f)
ānulus, ānulī (m)
ātrium, ātriī (n)
alacer, alacris, alacre
āridus, ārida, āridum
angustiae, angustiārum (f pl)
alō, alere, aluī, alitum/altum

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