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Forced Order
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stuprum, stuprī (n)
superbia, superbiae (f)
suprēmus, suprēma, suprēmum
sufferō, sufferre, sustulī, sublātum
suspiciō, suspicere, suspexī, suspectum
suspicor, suspicārī, suspicātus sum
superbus, superba, superbum
succēdō, succēdere, successī, successum
stīpendium, stīpendiī (n)
supersum, superesse, superfuī
spīritus, spīritūs (m)
succurrō, succurrere, succurrī, succursum
supplicō, supplicāre, supplicāvī, supplicātum (+dat)
spatium, spatiī (n)
spernō, spernere, sprēvī, sprētum
sors, sortis (f)
superior, superius
tellūs, tellūris (f)
studeō, studēre, studuī (+dat)
tangō, tangere, tetigī, tāctum
statua, statuae (f)
taedium, taediī (n)
speciēs, speciēī (f)
sordidus, sordida, sordidum
status, statūs (m)
subigō, subigere, subēgī, subāctum
tēctum, tēctī (n)
sonitus, sonitūs (m)
supplex, supplicis
sonus, sonī (m)
temperantia, temperantiae (f)
studiōsus, studiōsa, studiōsum
tegō, tegere, tēxī, tēctum
subsidium, subsidiī (n)
statiō, statiōnis (f)
tardus, tarda, tardum
superstes, superstitis
suprā (+acc)
sūbiciō, sūbicere, subiēcī, subiectum
suspīciō, suspīciōnis (f)
stultitia, stultitiae (f)
temperō, temperāre, temperāvī, temperātum
sopor, sopōris (m)
sūmptus, sūmptūs (m)

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