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pluit, pluere, pluit
proprius, propria, proprium
prīncipium, prīncipiī (n)
probrum, probrī (n)
prosperus, prospera, prosperum
prīncipātus, prīncipātūs (m)
praestāns, praestantis
prōmō, prōmere, prōmpsī/prōmsī, prōmptum
praetūra, praetūrae (f)
praedicō, praedicāre, praedicāvī, praedicātum
praecipiō, praecipere, praecēpī, praeceptum
potentia, potentiae (f)
placidus, placida, placidum
potēns, potentis
praecipitō, praecipitāre, praecipitāvī, praecipitātum
piscis, piscis (m)
praesum, praeesse, praefuī (+dat)
populor, populārī, populātus sum
potior, potīrī, potītus sum
plērusque, plēraque, plērumque
plānus, plāna, plānum
praeceptum, praeceptī (n)
possideō, possidēre, possēdī, possessum
porticus, porticūs (f)
plācō, plācāre, plācāvī, plācātum
properō, properāre, properāvī, properātum
posterior, posterius
profiteor, profitērī, professus sum
prōcēdō, prōcēdere, prōcessī, prōcessum
praebeō, praebēre, praebuī, praebitum
pontifex, pontificis (m)
praefectus, praefectī (m)
prīncipia, prīncipiōrum (n pl)
pōns, pontis (m)
probus, proba, probum
pōculum, pōculī (n)
prōmptus, prōmpta, prōmptum
praecipuus, praecipua, praecipuum
pontus, pontī (m)
pondus, ponderis (n)
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