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Forced Order
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12 January: This revolutionary state calls for Italian unification. It survives for 16 months.
2 February: This Treaty ends the Mexican-American war. Mexico loses 55% of its pre-war territory.
21 February: This German text inspires revolutionaries and creates a new political ideology.
24 February: This King of the French flees and is replaced by the Second Republic.
13 March: Demonstrations in Vienna force this statesman into three years' exile.
15 March: The events in Austria inspire the Hungarian Revolution, led by this politician.
18 March: The 'Five Days' revolt in this city provokes the First Italian War of Independence.
24 March: The liberal Danish Constitution triggers a war against Prussia over this territory.
10 April: This radical political movement organises a great rally in Kennington Park, London.
18 May: This body opens. It will debate a constitution for a united Germany.
22/23 June: The citizens of Paris stage this revolt. They demand an end to unemployment.
23 June: Liberal nationalists overthrow the government of this Romanian principality.
12 September: After a civil war in 1847, this country adopts a federal constitution.
3 November: Johan Rudolph Thorbecke writes a constitution, making this country a constitutional monarchy.
6 November: Radical Liberals revolt against the ruling Conservatives in this province of Brazil.
24 November: This Pope flees Rome, which is under occupation by radicals and criminals.
2 December: This Emperor of Austria abdicates in favour of his nephew.
10 December: In France, this man is elected President, defeating General Cavignac.

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