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How well do you know NBA players? (KOT4Q and Mike Korzemba)

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I wanted to wear Jordan's number, but my parents told me to make another number famous, so I chose '15'
I love Kobe Bryant but was a Clippers fan growing up. I will probably go to LA when my contract is up.
I was born in 1945 and think Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest nba player of all time.
I became a practicing lawyer after retiring in 1969.
I was born in France named Jaques but most know me as....
'the iceman' played in both the ABA and the NBA, who is he?
I dated Madonna
I am a current player who never lost a home game in college through 3 seasons.
I was the first athlete to become a billionaire.
I only picked up basketball because a hurricane made the only pool unusable.
My name was spelled wrong on my birth certificate, but we rolled with it.
I am the youngest player to ever have a triple double.
I was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor
I had the highest maximum vertical reach ever at pre-draft workouts.
I called Dwight Howard too skinny to be an NBA player when he was 15
In Chile, my name replaced 'the truth' in speech. 'It's _____ ______' meant 'It's the truth.'
I was a Harlem Globetrotter before joining the NBA
The original Twitter logo is named after me
I was first to win MVP, Defensive Player of the Year and Finals MVP in the same year
Racism often forced me to sleep in college dorms instead of hotel rooms on road trip games
I am named after a Japanese Steak
I used to have the nickname 'Black Moses' until my new nickname became popular
I played for the Bulls, Trail blazers and Rockets in my career making the playoffs 16 straight years of my 17 year career.
I was the first nba player drafted straight from college 2 decades after the last one.
I enrolled in college but never played any games due to personal issues

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