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Can you name the supervillain based on the year that they made their big screen debut on?

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Release DateVillainActor/Actress
July 30, 1966Cesar Romero
July 30, 1966Lee Meriwether
July 30, 1966Burgess Meredith
July 30, 1966Frank Gorshin
December 15, 1978Gene Hackman
December 15, 1978Terence Stamp
February 19, 1982Louis Jordan
June 23, 1989Billy Dee Williams
December 14, 1990Scott Paulin
June 30, 1995Armand Assante
June 20, 1997Arnold Schwarzenegger
June 20, 1997Uma Thurman
June 20, 1997Robert Swenson
August 1, 1997John Leguizamo
August 21, 1998Stephen Dorff
July 14, 2000Ian Mckellen
July 14, 2000Rebecca Romijn
July 14, 2000Tyler Mane
July 14, 2000Ray Park
May 3, 2002Willem Dafoe
February 14, 2003Michael Clarke Duncan
February 14, 2003Colin Farrell
May 2, 2003Brian Cox
May 2, 2003Kelly Hu
May 2, 2003Aaron Stanford
June 20, 2003Nick Nolte
April 2, 2004Karel Roden
April 16, 2004John Travolta
June 30, 2004Alfred Molina
December 8, 2004Dominic Purcell
December 8, 2004Ryan Reynolds
January 14, 2005Will Yun Lee
January 14, 2005Natassia Mathe
June 15, 2005Liam Neeson
June 15, 2005Cillian Murphy
July 8, 2005Julian McMahon
May 26, 2006Famke Janssen
Release DateVillainActor/Actress
May 26, 2006Vinnie Jones
May 26, 2006Dania Ramirez
May 26, 2006Ken Leung
February 16, 2007Wes Bentley
February 16, 2007Peter Fonda
June 15, 2007N/A
May 4, 2007Topher Grace
May 4, 2007Thomas Haden Church
May 2, 2008Jeff Bridges
June 13, 2008Tim Roth
June 13, 2008Tim Blake Nelson
December 5, 2008Dominic West
March 6, 2009Matthew Goode
May 1, 2009Kevin Durand
May 1, 2009Daniel Henney
April 16, 2010Mark Strong
May 7, 2010Sam Rockwell
May 7, 2010Mickey Rourke
June 18, 2010John Malkovich
May 6, 2011Tom Hiddleston
May 6, 2011Colm Feore
June 3, 2011Kevin Bacon
June 3, 2011January Jones
June 3, 2011Jason Flemyng
June 3, 2011Álex González
June 3, 2011Zoë Kravitz
June 17, 2011Mark Strong
June 17, 2011Peter Sarsgaard
June 17, 2011Angela Bassett
June 17, 2011Clancy Brown
July 22, 2011Toby Jones
February 17, 2012Johnny Whitworth
May 4, 2012Damion Poitier
May 4, 2012Alexis Denisof
July 3, 2012Rhys Ifans
July 20, 2012Marion Cotillard
May 3, 2013Guy Pearce
Release DateVillainActor/Actress
May 3, 2013Ben Kingsley
July 26, 2013Will Yun Lee
July 26, 2013Svetlana Khodchenkova
November 8, 2013Christopher Eccleston
November 8, 2013Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
November 8, 2013Benicio del Toro
April 4, 2014Robert Redford
April 4, 2014Frank Grillo
April 4, 2014Georges St-Pierre
April 4, 2014Thomas Kretschmann
May 2, 2014Jamie Foxx
May 2, 2014Paul Giamatti
May 23, 2014Peter Dinklage
August 1, 2014Lee Pace
August 1, 2014Karen Gillan
August 1, 2014Djimon Hounsou
August 8, 2014Minae Noji
August 8, 2014K. Todd Freeman
May 1, 2015James Spader
May 1, 2015Andy Serkis
July 17, 2015Corey Stoll
February 12, 2016Ed Skrein
March 25, 2016Robin Atkin Downes
March 25, 2016Callan Mulvey
March 25, 2016Tao Okamoto
May 6, 2016Daniel Brühl
May 27, 2016Oscar Isaac
August 5, 2016Will Smith
August 5, 2016Margot Robbie
August 5, 2016Jai Courtney
August 5, 2016Jay Hernandez
August 5, 2016Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
August 5, 2016Cara Delevingne
August 5, 2016Adam Beach
November 4, 2016Chiwetel Ejiofor

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