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Can you name the members of the Suicide Squad?

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Daniel West
Tatsu Yamashiro
Ivan Illyich Gort
Wesley Sloan
Harleen Quinzel
Mari Jiwe McCabe
Duela Dent
John Dubrovny
Victor Grover
Richard Hertz
Chang Jie-Ru
Larry Bolatinsky
Mica Love
William Heller
Ben Krullen
Clifford DeVoe
Courtney Whitmore
Wendy Jones
Clyde Phillips
'John Doe'
Eve Eden
Hugh Evans
Chato Santana
Werner Vertigo
Wade Eiling
Susan Linden
Jess Bright
Christopher Weiss
Barbara Gordon
John Henry Irons
Grant Morrison
Harold Jordan
William Vickers
Ted Grant
Cyrus Gold
Tom Tresser
Mark Scheffer
Mark Desmond
Charles Murray
Adam Cray
Rac Shade
Barbara Minerva
Wayne Hawkins
Jeremy Tell
Mark Shaw
William Tockman
Duncan Pramble
Carter Hall
Bette Sans Souci
David Clinton
Paul Booker
Horace Nichols
Digger Harkness
Odalys Milagro Valdez
Cameron Mahkent
Vanessa Kingsbury
Theresa Zimmer
Connor Kent
Albert Rothstein
Floyd Lawton
Evan McCulloch
Rachel Berkowitz
Frank Rock
Otto Von Furth
Malcolm Tandy
John Henry Martin
Pamela Isley
Lorraine Reilly
Oswald Cobblepot
Cole Parker
Arthur Light
Leah Wesserman
Valerie Beaudry
Ben Turner
Kara Zor-L
Louise Lincoln
Slade Wilson
John Monroe
Danton Black
Rick Flag Jr.
Roy Harper
Karin Grace
Brian Durlin
Dufus P. Ratchet
Waylon Jones
Gayle Marsh
Eric Needham
Amanda Waller
Lester Buchinsky
Leonard Snart
June Moone
Abel Tarrant
Rudy Jones

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