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Can you name the many foes Spider-Man has faced over the years?

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Jalome Beacher
Lily Hollister
Lonnie Lincoln
Frederick Foswell
Nicholas Lewis
Fritz von Meyer
Lorina Dodson
Phineas Mason
Jacob Eishorn and Gerald Stone
Calypso Ezili
Curt Connors
Jackson Arvad
Robert Farrell
Maxwell Markham
Eddie Brock
Elias Wirtham
Fred Myers
Edward Whelan
Karl Fiers
Aleksei Sytsevich
Miles Warren
Quentin Beck
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Martin Blank
Martin Lee
Hobie Brown
Antoin Delsoin
Richard Deacon
Vincent Stegron
Michael Morbius
William Turner
Malcolm McBride
Cletus Kasady
Maxwell Dillon
Thomas Fireheart
Norman Osborn
Anton Rodriguez
Marcus Lyman
Jackson Wheele
Gordon Thomas
Steven Hudak
Wilson Fisk
Frank Oliver
Buck Mitty
Kateri Deseronto
Adrian Toomes
André Gerard
Raul Chalmbers
Aaron Nicholson
Donna Diego
Silvio Manfredi
Mac Gargan
Jason Macendale
Kris Keating
Sergei Kravinoff
William Baker
Kaine Parker
Nicholas Powell
Carlos LaMuerto
Roderick Kingsley
Frances Barrison
Jonathan Ohnn
Mark Raxton
Morris Bench
Basil Elks
Felicia Hardy
Anthony Davis
Herman Schultz
Norton Fester
Richard Fisk
James Sanders
Otto Octavius
John Jameson
Abner Jenkins

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