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Can you name the members of the Masters of Evil?

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Frank Payne
Karla Sofen
Tanya Sealy
Klaus Voorhees
Elton Healy
Chen Lu
Erik Josten
Bentley Wittman
Samuel Saxon
David Cannon
Todd Arliss
Johnny Horton
Whitney Frost
Nathan Garrett
Brock Rumlow
Georges Batroc
Matthew Banham
Morris Bench
Edward Lavell
Don Callahan
Rita DeMara
Son of Satan
Katrina Luisa Van Horn
Android created by Hank Pym
Herman Schultz
Edward Cobert
Robert Hunter
Paul Norbert Ebersol
Steven Hudak
Elihas Starr
Samuel Barone
Joseph Manfredi
Samuel Sterns
Gordon Fraley
Ulysses Klaw
William Baker
Melissa Gold
Mary MacPherran
Henry Camp
Helmut Zemo
Pearl Gross
William Kitson
Mac Gargan
Bradley Koone
Bruno Horgan
Marcus Daniels
Esteban Corazón de Ablo
Carl Creel
Eliot Franklin
Justine Hammer
Victor von Doom
Otto Octavius
Alexander Gentry
Calvin Zabo
Donnie Gill
Lancaster Sneed
William Cross
Paul Pierre Duval
Edward Lansky
Peter van Zante
Veronica Dultry
Dirk Garthwaite
Donald Clendenon
Brian Philip Calusky
Pierre Fresson
Emil Blonsky
Fred Myers
Percy and Barton Grimes
Ronnie Hilliard
Jalome Beacher
William Allen
Sybil Dvorak
Keith Kraft
Frank Skorina
Simon Maddicks
Hellen Feliciano
Zelda DuBois
Rick Dennison
Calvin Carr
Parker Robbins
Abner Jenkins
Android with two heads
Phineas Mason
Simon Williams
Janice Yanizeski
Anton Vanko

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