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QUIZ: Can you name the comic characters that were introduced in the 90s?

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Forced Order
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IdentityComic CharacterYear
Nathan Summers1990
Danny Ketch1990
Remy LeBeau1990
Wade Wilson1991
Chris Powell1991
Lucas Bishop1991
Neena Thurman1992
James Rhodes1992
Jean-Paul Valley1992
Cletus Kasady1992
Serial killer covered with tally marks1992
Harleen Quinzel1992
Being that killed Superman1992
Rose Wilson1992
Broke the Bat1993
IdentityComic CharacterYear
Hank Henshaw1993
Kyle Rayner1994
Connor Hawke1994
Virgil Hawkins1993
Ben Reilly1994
Sarah Rushman1994
Jonothon Starsmore1994
Villain who possessed Hal Jordan1994
Kaine Parker1994
Entity created by Professor X and Magneto1996
Michael Holt1997
Leslie Willis1997
Courtney Whitmore1999
Terry McGinnis1999

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