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Can you name the comic characters that were introduced in the 60s?

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Forced Order
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IdentityComic CharacterYear
Nathaniel Adam1960
Ralph Dibny1960
Tree-like alien1960
Android created by Professor Ivo1960
James Jesse1960
William Tockman1960
Tyrant from Kalanor1960
George 'Digger' Harkness1960
Ray Palmer1961
Reed Richards1961
Susan Storm1961
Johnny Storm1961
Ben Grimm1961
Hector Hammond1961
Carl Sands1961
Thaal Sinestro1961
Roscoe Dillon1961
Alien dragon1961
Harvey Elder1961
Hank Pym1962
Bruce Banner1962
Peter Parker1962
Thor Odinson1962
Citizen Abra1962
David Clinton1962
Victor von Doom1962
Arthur Light1962
Dekan Drache1962
Loki Laufeyson1962
Phillip Masters1962
Carol Ferris1962
Elihas Starr1962
Tony Stark1963
Niles Caulder1963
Rita Farr1963
Larry Trainor1963
Cliff Steele1963
Janet van Dyne1963
Stephen Strange1963
Charles Xavier1963
Scott Summers1963
Warren Worthington III1963
Hank McCoy1963
Bobby Drake1963
Jean Grey1963
Karl Mordo1963
IdentityComic CharacterYear
Thomas Blake1963
Dmitri Smerdyakov1963
Anton Vanko1963
Otto Octavius 1963
Mick Rory1963
Curt Connors1963
Max Eisenhardt1963
Calvin Zabo1963
Owen Reece1963
Eobard Thawne1963
Chen Lu1963
Ivan Kragoff1963
William Baker1963
Phineas Mason1963
Adrian Toomes1963
Pietro Maximoff1964
Wanda Maximoff 1964
Natasha Romanova1964
Matt Murdock1964
Clint Barton1964
Simon Williams1964
Zatanna Zatara1964
Heinrich Zemo1964
Abner Jenkins1964
William Hand1964
Samuel Sterns1964
Fred Dukes1964
Ruler of the Dark Dimension 1964
Maxwell Dillon1964
Norman Osborn1964
Nathaniel Richards1964
Sergei Kravinoff1964
Possessor of the Ten Rings1964
Jason Wyngarde1964
Quentin Beck1964
Mortimer Toynbee1964
Rex Mason1965
Buddy Baker1965
Garfield Logan1965
Blackagar Boltagon1965
Carl Creel1965
Mark Desmond1965
IdentityComic CharacterYear
Luchino Nefaria1965
Cain Marko1965
Medusalith Amaquelin1965
Mark Raxton1965
Roger Hayden1965
Mac Gargan1965
Jacques Duquesne1965
Boris Bullski1965
Norrin Radd1966
Eve Eden1966
Ted Kord1966
Georges Batroc1966
Arthur Brown1966
Herbert Wyndham 1966
Ulysses Klaue1966
Arthur Parks1966
Calvin Rankin1966
Orm Marius1966
Raymond Jensen1966
Pamela Isley1966
Aleksei Sytsevich 1966
Barbara Gordon1967
Sean Cassidy1967
Vic Sage1967
Dane Whitman1967
David Hyde1967
Wilson Fisk1967
George Tarleton1967
Herman Schultz1967
Carol Danvers1968
Jack Ryder1968
John Smith1968
Victor Shade1968
Lorna Dane1968
Ruler of the Negative Zone1968
'John Doe'1968
Eric Williams1968
Android created by Hank Pym1968
Mephistopheles 1968
Whitney Frost1968
Alex Summers1969
Sam Wilson1969
Ophelia Sarkissian 1969

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