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Can you name the comic characters that were initro ducked in the 40s?

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Forced Order
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IdentityComic CharacterYear
Jay Garrick1940
Carter Hall1940
Billy Batson1940
Jim Corrigan1940
Rex Tyler1940
Dick Grayson1940
Kent Nelson1940
Alan Scott1940
Al Pratt1940
Hugo Strange1940
Thaddeus Sivana1940
Alexander Luthor1940
Clown Prince of Crime1940
Selina Kyle1940
Basil Karlo1940
Steve Rogers1941
James Buchanan Barnes1941
Ted Knight1941
Charles McNider1941
Shiera Hall1941
Patrick O'Brian1941
Arthur Curry1941
Oliver Queen1941
Roy Harper1941
Diana Prince1941
IdentityComic CharacterYear
Freddy Freeman1941
Johann Schmidt1941
Jonathan Crane1941
Oswald Cobblepot1941
Ted Grant1942
Terry Sloane1942
Robert Crane1942
Mary Batson1942
Harvey Dent1942
Oswald Loomis1942
Richard Swift1942
Peter Merkel1942
Deever and Dumfrey Tweed1943
Winslow Schott1943
Priscilla Rich1943
Vandar Adg1943
Doris Zeul1944
5th Dimensional Imp1944
Cyrus Gold1944
Dinah Lance1947
James Craddock1947
Isaac Bowin1947
Jervis Tetch1948
Edward Nigma1948

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