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Can you name the deceased DC characters who were part of the Black Lantern Corps?

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Arnold Etchinson
Dying lantern who gave Hal Jordan the ring
Wife of Slade Wilson
Harold Jordan
Son of Lex Luthor
Kyle Rayner's first girlfriend
Son of Abin Sur
Buddy Baker
Arthur Curry Jr.
Arthur Curry
Al Pratt
Adam Cray
Jean-Paul Valley
Mike Maxwell
From the Wildebeest Society
Kelvin Mao
Bartholomew Lash
John Ravenhair
Ryan Kendall
William Hand
Roman Sionis
Ted Kord
Mark Desmond
Larry Bolatinsky
Bertram Larvan
Ryuku Orsono
George 'Digger' Harkness
Arani Desai
'John Doe'
Vivian D'Aramis
Grant Emerson
Boston Brand
Joseph Blackfire
Kent Nelson
Arthur Light
Charles McNider
Neal Emerson
Wife of Garth
Jan Arrah
Ralph Dibny
Isaac Bowin
Ronnie Raymond
Dick Grayson's parents
Dwayne Geyer
Lisa Snart
Oliver Queen
Lyla Michaels
Hank Hall
Holly Granger
Kendra Saunders
Carter Hall
Roy Lincoln
Tora Olafsdotter
Thaddeus Thawne
Tim Drake's parents
Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Ray Palmer's former girlfriend turned evil
Jonah Hex
Johnny Chambers
Anatoli Knyazev
Wally West
Edmund Dorrance
Father of Lex Luthor
Laura De Mille
Margaret Pye
Anastasio Corvo
J'onn J'onzz
Maxwell Lord
Sam Scudder
Terry Sloane
Valentina Vostok
Alexander Nero
Lilith Clay
Amon Tomaz
Rosabelle Mendez
Kell Mossa
Dee Tyler
Eobard Thawne
Gayle Marsh
Roger Hayden
Clyde Philips
Quentin Turnbull
Vic Sage
Grant Wilson
Wade LaFarge
Roy G. Bivolo
Son of Donna Troy
Dmitri Pushkin
Wesley Dodds
Brian Savage
Scarred Guardian of the Universe
Vanessa Kingsbury
Cyrus Gold
King of Gorilla City
David Knight
Crispus Allen
Henry Heywood III
Wife of Ralph Dibny
Dirk Morgna
Connor Kent
Flying Stag
Clark Kent
Joshua Clay
Tara Markov
Wife of Hank Henshaw
Husband of Donna Troy
Mobster who killed Dick Grayson's parents
Roscoe Dillon
James Jesse
Walter & Wayne Trigger
Theresa Zimmer
Arnold Wesker
Paco Ramone
Mentor of Slade Wilson
Donna Troy
Diana Prince
Father of Kara Zor-El

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