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Forced Order
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'Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me.'
'You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!'
'I laugh in the face of danger.'
'My ancestors sent a little lizard to help me?'
'Don't! Feed! The! Bear!'
'I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture. I don't like doing it!'
'Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?'
'And YOU are just the crab to do it.'
'Who's been painting my roses red?'
'You know the funny thing about shaking hands is... you need hands!'
'He was very charismatic!'
'But I don't know how to make fire.'
'I hereby banish you forever.'
'I'm sixteen years old. I'm not a child.'
'Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.'
'Hold still please.'
'Gooseberry pie!'
'Well you should learn to control your temper!'
'I am not a prize to be won!'
'One family reunion coming right up!'
'Well, I see no reason why you can't go... if you get all your work done.'
'Huh. If anybody ever needed a muzzle, its him.'
'Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the 14th century!'
'I don't know, what'cha wanna do?'
'Well, it's hard to watch anything when you're getting barbecued, man!'
'Who are you, and how did you find me?'
'I found a stick!'
'It's a small underworld after all, huh?'
'It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change!'
'Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. 'Come on, get up,' you say, 'Time to start another day.''
'Why didn't you tell me there were creatures who look like me?'

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