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During glycolysis, what does one molecule of glucose produce?ATP? Reduced NAD? Pyruvate?
What is the reaction called when energy is taken up during the production of ATP?Hint: endergonic or exergonic?
What role does ATP play in movement?
What is ATP?
What does ADP stand for?
When does substrate level phosphoralytion occur?
What is the reaction called when ATP is broken down into ADP?Hint: endergonic or exergonic?
What are the three chemicals that make up ATP?
What does glycolysis produce?
Where does the electron transport chain happen?
How much energy is needed to add a phosphate group?In kjmol-1.
What does ATP stand for?Full name.
What does the breakdown of ATP produce?Three things are produced.
What is glycolysis?
How does ATP move?By which process?
What role does ATP play in active transport?
What is the Krebs Cycle?
What is the electron transport chain?
What does the Krebs Cycle produce?
Where does glycolysis occur?
What role does ATP play in metabolism?Example process: synthesis of DNA from nucleotides.
What is produced during the link reaction?
Where does photophosphoralytion occur?
What role does ATP play in nerve transmission?Think of the nerve synapse.
What does oxidative photophosphoralytion involve?Hint: which type of respiration and transport?
Where does oxidative photophosphoralyation occur?Hint: which cell organelle?
Where does the Krebs Cycle occur?
What is the enzyme for ATP?
What biological process is photophosphoralytion occur in?
What is the result of the electron transport chain?
What are the uses and advantages of ATP?
What happens to the 2-carbon acetate in the link reaction?Hint: coenzyme A is involved.
How does ATP release energy?Hint: think which type of reaction must occur to break it down into ADP + Pi.

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