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Can you name the items in this Super Epic Minecraft Quiz?

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Which item/mob/biome/thing/person etc.ItemType of item
is the most commonBlock
is most common at sea level (not water)Block
is dirt with a little bit extraBlock
is the basis of everything in MinecraftBlock
can be made from the previous answerBlock
is essential for 3x3 craftingBlock
is most common undergroundBlock
is obtained through mining stoneBlock
is made using 8 cobblestone/smooth stoneBlock
is made using 8 wooden planksBlock
is suitable for boatingBlock
is not suitable for boating due to being on fireBlock
provides flintBlock
is used in making glassBlock
is at the bottom of most sand pilesBlock
is transparent/translucentBlock
is obtained through sheepBlock
is used as an entry to your homeOther
is the only block that is placeable and TNT proofBlock
forms the base of the Minecraft worldBlock
stays on fire foreverBlock
glows Block
is quite rare and only appears on beachesBlock
is made from clayBlock
forms the floor of dungeonsBlock
is used for combustionOre
is used for medium level toolsOre
is used for high level toolsOre
is pretty much useless but looks epicOre
is same as above but blueOre
carries 'electrical' currentOre
is very pricklyBlock
is a close range weaponTool
is a long range weaponTool
is ammunition for aboveTool
is the quickest to destroy stone etc.Tool
is the quickest to destroy sand etc.Tool
is the quickest to destroy wooden stuffTool
is used to create farmlandTool
creates fireTool
is used to create a delay in redstone circuitsOther
can be crafted to provide lightOther
is used to play banging tunesBlock
is used to climb vast cliffsOther
is used to travel long distancesOther
is needed for a minecart to runOther
is used to carry liquidOther
is used to sail the seven seasOther
is used to protect oneself from dangerTool
is used to make low grade armourOther
is used in the making of arrowsOther
shoots arrowsMob
follows you wanting brainsMob
drops stringMob
is used in making a bowOther
floats and makes a weird noiseMob
goes sssssssssssssss BOOM!Mob
is a weird mix of mobs riding each otherMob
is a weird mix of mobs not riding each other(Nether)Mob
teleports like a pussyMob
lives deep underground and squelchesMob
is the same as above but on fireMob
can fire stuff when poweredBlock
moves stuff; block with motionBlock
is crafted using redstone and a stickOther
is used in circuits to create a steady stream of powerOther
is used in circuits for a temporary burst of powerOther
provides power when stood onOther
cannot be jumped overOther
is used to make breadFood/Drink
has to be placed to be eatenFood/Drink
is the boss of all MinecraftMob
is the fiery Minecraft dimensionDimension
is where the Ender Dragon livesDimension
is made from wheatFood/Drink
is obtained from cows via bucketFood/Drink
is dropped by all animalsFood/Drink
is a loveable fungus with 2 possible coloursFood/Drink
is combined with mushrooms to make soupOther
is a growable green fruitFood/Drink
is a growable orange scary faced blockBlock
is a pumpkin with a torchBlock
is only growable next to waterBlock
is used to grow treesBlock
is a mix of cow and mushroomMob
is a giant variant of a loveable fungusBlock
is used to collect wool and leavesTool
is obtainable through the use of shears on treesBlock
can be used to supersize mushroomsOther
is used to make red dyeOther
is used to make yellow dyeOther
is used to change the colour of a sheepOther
is the product of hoeing dirtBlock
is a healing item in a bottleOther
is used to make potionsBlock
goes moooooooMob
drops raw porkchop when killedMob
lays eggsMob
can spawn chickensFood/Drink
is a creeper struck by lighteningMob
is dropped by endermenOther
is used to upgrade toolsBlock
is crafted by placing 3 sugar cane in a rowOther
is crafted by placing 3 paper in a rowOther
is crafted using 3 books and 6 wooden planksBlock
lives in water and goes GLUB GLUB GLUBMob
is the invisible mob of the seasFood/Drink
is used to obtain the invisible menace of the oceansTool
can be trained to follow you and attack mobsMob
is used to train wolvesOther
can be used to grow wheatOther
can be obtained from treesFood/Drink
an apple surrounded in GOLDFood/Drink
a rail that increases the speed of your minecartOther
a rail that activates redstone when you ride over itOther
is usually close to spiders and slows you downBlock
slows you down in the NetherBlock
is a brick from the NetherBlock
are used to go up and down blocksBlock
are a block cut in halfBlock
spawn when you break a stone like blockMob
is a snowman with a pumpkin headMob
goes BOOOOOOOM!Block
dropped by creepers and ghastsOther
is frozen waterBlock
forms the centre of a dungeonBlock
is a white fluffy block, can coat dirtBlock
forms the base of the EndzoneBlock
is created by flint and steelOther
plays music when hit or poweredBlock
is a door in the floorOther
is used to write stuff like 'Waffles?'Other
is a thin piece of glassBlock
soaks up waterBlock
is the fundamental fungus for brewingOther
grow on the side of trees Other
has many treesBiome
has dull grey-blue grass and tall treesBiome
is the only biome with vinesBiome
is the highly moutainous biome with few treesBiome
is very sandy and cactus-filledBiome
is a flat biome with tall grassBiome
is filled with water and that is itBiome
is relatively flat but is covered in snowBiome
is covered in mushrooms and mooshroomsBiome
is a small windy section of water through landBiome
is a large area of mostly stoneBiome
has very tall thick trees with vinesBiome
fires a burst of 3 fireballs in the netherMob
is the only poisonous mobMob
can be used to find your way to your spawn pointOther
tells the current time of dayOther
shows your location and image of surroundingOther
is the way to the netherBlock
is used to decorate walls Other
created Minecraft originally (person)Person
is the company formed by ^^Company
is the best language under the language sectionLanguage
is the now discontinued evil brother of NotchMob/Person
is the band featured in MCBand
is what this quiz isEPIC WIN

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