Gaming Quiz / Pokémon Trivia 1-10: Special Yellow Edition!

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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokémon Trivia from Yellow in the following categories?

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Pikachu's emotions source:
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Rival's Starting Pokémon
Gym Leaders with Redesigned Sprites
Starter Pokémon Locations
Locations Jessie+James are Fought
Things that Raise/Lower Pikachu's Happiness
Pokémon Game Corner Prizes
Gym Leaders with Modified Pokémon
Unattainable Pokémon (In-Game)
Pokémon Possibly Used by Rival as Champion
Pikachu's Emotions
Hint: When you first get him 
Hint: Bill's House, pre-helping 
Hint: As happy as he can get 
Hint: After fishing 
Hint: Pewter City PokéCenter 
Hint: His typical cheery self 
Hint: Bill's House, post-helping 
Hint: Pokémon Tower 
Hint: When poisoned 
Hint: You left him in the PC all game 

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