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Can you name the missing Pokémon name from the episode titles?

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TitleMissing PokémonEpisode Number
________ and the Moon StoneEP006
________ and the Hidden VillageEP010
________ - the Stray PokémonEP011
Here Comes the ________ Squad!EP12
Bye Bye ________EP021
________ and the Psychic ShowdownEP022
________ Goes BananasEP025
________'s NaptimeEP027
Sparks Fly for ________EP030
Dig Those ________EP031
The ________ KidEP034
________'s Mysterious MansionEP037
________'s GoodbyeEP039
TitleMissing PokémonEpisode Number
The Battling ________ BrothersEP040
The March of the ________ SquadEP43
The Problem with ________EP044
The Song of ________EP045
A ________ OperationEP047
So Near, Yet So ________EP049
Who Gets to Keep ________?EP050
________'s Mysterious GardenEP051
Beach Blank-Out ________EP060
________ TalesEP062
It's ________ TimeEP064
Make Room for ________EP068
Go West Young ________EP070

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