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A - (JD's favourite drink)
B - (Jordan's brother)
C - (Doctor who looks like KFC founder...)
D - (Turk's middle name)
E - (When Turk spins JD on his shoulders)
F - (Name of Asian lab technician)
G - (Non-medical hospital staff and ex-girlfriend of JD's)
H - (The Janitor's fake a cappella band)
I - (Name of Turk's daughter)
J - (Name of Jordan and Dr Cox's son)
K - (Visiting doctor who has OCD)
L - (Carla's friend and fellow nurse)
M - (Carla's brother)
N - (Occupation of Paul Flowers)
O - ('Beware of the birds')
P - (Name of Dr Cox's sister)
Q - (The Todd's surname)
R - (Dr Cox's favourite hockey franchise)
S - (Name of JD's scooter)
T - (The Janitor's cafeteria worker side-kick)
U - (Dr Cox's middle name)
V - (Officiates at the Janitor's wedding)
W - (Sean's work clothes)
X - (Test result seen at start of each episode)
Y - (Denise's surname written backwards)
Z - (Name of actor who plays JD)

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