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Jamie Lee CurtisIt's true, bifidus regularis...it'll keep you regular, no lies!
William ShatnerName...your....own.......
Cuba Gooding Jr.I'm wearing your underwear (Michael).
Jessica SimpsonIn This Clear Skin
Fabio LanzoniI can't believe I was hit in the face by a bird on a roller coaster!
Luke WilsonOut of work? There's an ad campaign for that.
Wilford BrimleyLook, you have diabetes.
Stephanie CourtneyFlo will get you a good deal.
Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of YorkYou know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, shamu.
O.J. SimpsonI think he rented a white Bronco.
SnoopyGotta protect his dog house.
Bill CosbyJiggily fun and delicious too!
Kathie Lee GiffordIt's like a party on a boat.
Bob DoleThis helps me drive home my platform
Billy MaysGets stains out of anything!
Dori KellyYes, it's really a hard one.
Richard Simmons Bog-er-cise
Bart SimpsonNobody better get this wrong!
Vince OfferIt sells itself.
Dave Thomasmmmm so tasty
Jared FogelEating lots of sandwiches and walking helped me lose weight!
Jonathan GoldsmithThe most intriguing man in the world.
George ForemanIt knocks out the fat!
Dan MarinoI don't need a ring when I can still fit in my college jeans.

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