Harry Potter Spells (Expert Mode)

Can you name the spells in the Harry Potter universe?

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Summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.Inc / GoF (b)
Creates a line that is impassable by people below a set ageSN / GoF (b)
Produces a jet of water from the caster's wandInc / HBP (b)
Shoots an object or creature into the airInc / CoS (f)
This unique spell was seen once used by Dumbledore in the Ministry of Magic in a duel against VoldemortSN / OoP (b)
Used to open and/or unlock doorsInc / PS (b)
Clears the target's airway, if blockedInc / HBP (b)
Process by which a wizard takes his or her animal form, or reverts to human form from animal formSN / PS (b)
Causes the victim to sprout antlersInc / OoP (b)
Prevents the writer from cheating whilst writing answersSN / PS (b)
Used to prevent Disapparition and/or Apparition in an areaSN / OoP (b)
A person stepping into this immediately finds that up and down have reversed and they are hanging from the ground over the endless skySN / GoF (b)
Used to prevent the effects of a jinx over one target object or animalSN / OoP (b)
Creates a streak of purple flames, causing serious injury without external symptomsSN / OoP (b)
This spell makes invisible ink appearInc / CoS (b)
Causes the user to magically teleport from one place to anotherSN / HBP (b)
Used to kill or, at least, blast back AcromantulasInc / CoS (f)
Used to slow down an object or being that is movingInc / PoA (f)
Causes suits of armour to sing carolsSN / GoF (b)
Fires arrows from the caster's wandSN / QTA (b)
Lifts the caster high into the airInc / GoF (f)
Causes instant, painless death to whomever the curse hitsInc / GoF (b)
This charm creates a flock of birds from the caster's wandInc / GoF (b)
Causes a person to babble whenever they try to speakSN / CoS (b)
Exact effect not mentioned, but can be nastySN / HBP (b)
Banishes the object the spell is performed onSN / GoF (b)
Grotesquely enlarges the target's bogeys, gives them wings, and sets them attacking the targetSN / OoP (b)
Used to conceal a person or an objectSN/ DH (b)
Puts the target person into a deep sleepSN / GoF (b)
This spell makes a contract magically unbreakableSN / GoF (b)
Creates a quantity of blue flame which can be directed to a specific placeSN / PS (b)
Causes a small, locally contained explosionInc / PoA (f)
Causes a massive explosionInc / OoP (f)
Formed when a person sacrifices himself or herself for a family member, out of love creating a lingering protection in the blood of the person who was savedSN / PS (b)
Fixes a broken forearm, unless you don't do it properlyInc / CoS (f)
Used on a broomstick to allow it to stop effectivelySN / PoA (b)
Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the userSN / GoF (b)
Spell which pours non-bursting golden bubbles out of the wandSN / PS (b)
A temporary hex to change someone into a giant canarySN / GoF (b)
Ignites candles and can make them float in midairSN / PS (b)
Anyone entering the perimeter sets off a high-pitched shriekSN / DH (b)
Used to strengthen an enclosure from enemiesInc / DH (b)
Causes a person to become happy and contentedSN / PoA (b)
Enhances a brooms' ability to reverseSN / PoA (b)
Locks a door, preventing it from being opened by Muggle meansInc / OoP (b)
Changes an object's colourSN / OoP (b)
Causes anything that the spell meets to explode in flamesInc / DH (b)
Causes the victim to become confused, forgetful and prone to follow simple ordersInc / PoA (b)
Causes great pain to the victim's eyesSN / GoF (b)
A spell that creates objects out of thin airSN / CoS (b)
Various effects on crops depending on the specific charm in questionSN / DP (b)
Classification of Transfiguration magic in which one type of creature is Transfigured into anotherSN/ GoF (b)
Inflicts unbearable pain on the recipient of the curseInc / GoF (b)
Creates an invisible 'pillow' on the handle of a broom to make flying more comfortableInc / DH (b)
Can carve or dig out materialsInc / DH (b)
A charge like that of electricity runs through the body of a wizard with this defensive spellSN / OoP (b)
Aside from the fact that it is a spell to defend the caster, little is known about the actual effectsSN / DP (b)
Removes evidence of previous spells cast by the wandInc / GoF (b)
Causes the teeth of the recipient to grow at an alarming rateInc / GoF (b)
A very powerful wind that can loosen and/or soften a variety of thingsInc / DH (b)
Makes things sink, or go downInc / DH (b)
Cuts or rips objectsInc / GoF (b)
Causes the target to become invisible, or close to itSN / PS (b)
Opens the secret door in the statue of the hump-backed witchInc / PoA (b)
Dries up WaterSN / GoF (b)
Makes the object hardInc/ DH (b)
Causes objects to swell in sizeInc / CoS (b)
Causes the entrails to be ejected from the bodySN / OoP (b)
Spell that causes the target person to fall in love with the casterSN / CoS (b)
Used to heal relatively minor injuriesInc / GoF (b)
Used to erect somethingInc / DH (b)
Makes the target vanishInc / OoP (b)
Duelling spell used to send the opponent flyingInc / CoS (f)
Conjures an incarnation of the caster's innermost positive feelingsInc / PoA (b)
Used to disarm another wizardInc / CoS (b)
A spell that causes an object to explodeInc / DH (b)
Spell to put out a fireSN / GoF (b)
Spell that makes the target object weigh practically nothingSN / PoA (b)
Transforms animals into water gobletsInc / CoS (f)
Creates a bandage and a splintInc / PoA (b)
Allows a secret to be hidden within the secret keeper’s soul Inc / PoA (b)
Dangerous, uncontrollable and extremely powerful fire which can take the form of beastsSN / DH (b)
Removes the target person's fingersSN / QTA (b)
Stops a currently operating spell effectInc / OoP (b)
Stops all currently operating spell effectsInc / CoS (b)
Using Floo Powder in a fire connected to the Floo Network, a person can communicate with another over distanceSN / GoF (b)
Causes any object affected to burn human skin when touchedSN / DH (b)
The caster's wand can leave fiery marksInc / OoP (b)
Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in itSN / PoA (b)
Makes the paint on a banner flash different colorsSN / PS (b)
Cast on broomsticks to make them flySN / PS (b)
A spell which produces a fountain of wine from the end of the caster's wandSN / GoF (b)
Renders target immobileSN / HBP (b)
A spell that causes a person to grow furSN / CoS (b)
Causes the target to become covered in boilsInc / GoF (b)
Creates a duplicate of any object upon which it is castInc / DH (b)
Whenever an object affected by this curse is touched, it duplicates itself into many useless copies to hide the originalSN / DH (b)
Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp or slideInc / DH (b)
Unknown effect Harry's wand (NOT Harry) shot at Lord Voldemort cracking Lucius Malfoy's wandSN / DH (b)
Used to help someone hold/catch something with more effectivenessSN / QTA (b)
Minor spells for personal groomingSN / GoF (b)
Spell to make the target object burn foreverSn / OoP (b)
Causes one to lose one's hairSN / PS (b)
Thickens one's hairSN / OoP (b)
Spell that defends the caster against hexesSN / GoF (b)
Reveals humans near the casterInc / DH (b)
Causes an Animagus or transfigured object to assume its normal shapeSN / CoS (b)
Transfigures the target's tongue to a bony substance resembling hornSN /GoF (b)
Makes a racing broom easier to handleSN / QTA (b)
Causes wand to emit hot airSN / OoP (b)
An object is levitated off the ground and moved according to the casterSN / CoS (b)
Causes brooms to vibrate violently in the air and try to buck their rider offSN / PoA (b)
Immobilizes the targetInc / CoS (f)
Powerful spell capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target's progress towards the casterInc / GoF (b)
Causes the victim of the curse to obey the spoken/unspoken commands of the casterInc / GoF (b)
Makes objects such as doors impenetrableSN / OoP (b)
This spell makes something repel substances and outside forcesInc / PoA (b)
Although not identified, the name suggests that this involves the conjuring inanimate objectsInc / OoP (b)
Ties someone or something up with ropesInc / OoP (b)
Produces fireInc / GoF (b)
Sprouts feelers on the victim's head, removes the victim's powers of speech, and forces the victim to scuttle along the groundSN / OoP (b)
This Hex removes hairSN / GoF (b)
Detects intruders and sounds an alarmSN / HBP (b)
Spell to make a person or thing invisibleSN / DP (b)
Affects the target's mental processesSN / DP (b)
Causes the target's fingers to become almost jelly-like to make it impossible for the victim to grasp objectsSN / DP (b)
renders its victim's legs temporarily uselessSN / GoF (b)
Causes the victim's knees to appear on the opposite side of his/her legsSN / QTA (b)
Enchants knitting needles to knitSN / OoP (b)
Sets the target cloak on fireInc / PS (f)
Glues the victim's tongue to the roof of his/her mouthInc / HBP (b)
Causes leeks to grow out of the target's earsSN/ PoA (b)
Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victimInc / OoP (b)
The victim is dangled upside-down by one of his/her anklesInc / HBP (b)
The counter spell to being dangled upside-down by one's AnkleInc / HBP (b)
A variety of spells and curses on the books in the Hogwarts library to make sure that kids don't damage themSN /QTA (b)
Causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the casterInc / OoP (b)
Locks the legs together, preventing the victim from moving the legs in any fashionInc / PS (b)
Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tipInc / CoS (b)
Creates a massive ball of light at the end of the wand which is so powerful, it can be cast off from the end of the wand and continue on for several minutes afterward, floating in Inc / PoA (f)
Generates a brilliant blast of light, as bright as the sunInc / PS (f)
Causes magical chains to snake out of a chair and bind a person to itSN / GoF (b)
Sends a magical messenger to someone in the form of the caster's PatronusSn / GoF (b)
Causes weather effects caused by incantations to ceaseInc / DH (b)
Prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placedSN / PS (b)
Lifts a tree a few inches off the ground and levitates it to where the caster points his or her wandInc / PoA (b)
Lifts a body a few inches off the ground and levitates it where the caster points his or her wandInc / PoA (b)
Conjures the Dark Mark (Voldemort's mark)Inc / GoF (b)
Keeps nearby people, or those to whom the wand is directed, from hearing nearby conversationsInc / HBP (b)
Extinguishes light from light producing spellsInc / PoA (b)
Removes things not wished to be seen againSN / OoP (b)
Used to hide a memory of a particular eventInc / Ps (b)
Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyesInc / OP (b)
Repairs spectaclesinc / PS (f)
Causes conjured objects to attackInc / HBP (b)
Makes a bouquet of flowers appear out of the caster's wandInc / GoF (b)
Packs a trunk, or perhaps any luggageInc / PoA (b)
Gives the target person fiery hot breathSN /GoF (b)
Sends up wand sparks as a jet of lightInc / GoF (f)
Makes objects permanently stay in placeSN / OoP (b)
Used to remove Cornish Pixies (Used once with absolutely no effect, unknown if spell actually works)Inc / CoS (b)
Used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attentionInc/ PS (b)
Spell used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the caster's biddingInc / DH (b)
Temporarily places an object upon a desired targetSN / FB (b)
Causes the caster's wand tip to point to the north cardinal point, acting like a compassInc / GoF (b)
Turns an object into a portkeyInc / OoP (b)
Dark Magical effect of one person's spirit inhabiting or taking over the body of anotherSN / PS (b)
Causes the echo (a shadow or image) of the last spell cast by a wand to emanate from itInc / GoF (b)
Causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the originalSN / OoP (b)
Causes minor to strong jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker, or at least prevents them from having their full effectInc / GoF (b)
Provides some form of protection against Dark MagicInc / DH (b)
Provides protection of some form for an area or dwellingInc / DH (b)
Makes a magically magnified voice return to normalInc / GoF (b)
Makes an enlarged object smallerInc / GoF (b)
Enables the caster to explode solid objectsInc / GoF (b)
Refills whatever at which the caster points with the drink originally in the containerSN / HBP (b)
Used to force someone or something to release that which it holds or grapples by means of shooting fiery sparks out or, underwater, shooting hot bursts of waterInc / GoF (b)
Brings someone out of unconsciousnessInc / GoF (b)
Used to repair broken or damaged objectsInc / GoF (b)
Repels something from the caster or a specific targetInc / QTA (b)
Keeps Muggles away from wizarding placesInc / GoF (b)
Forces the target to back off from the casterSN / DH (b)
Causes the sensation of being tickledInc / CoS (b)
Causes a Boggart to take the appearance of an object upon which the caster is concentratingInc / PoA (b)
Propels a rowboat along without oarsSN / PS (b)
Provides some form of protection against hexesInc / DH (b)
Used to clean somethingInc / OoP (b)
Seals a roll of parchment with a touch of the wandSN / OoP (b)
Violently wounds the target; described as being as though the subject had been 'slashed by a sword'Inc / HBP (b)
Conjures a serpent from the spell caster’s wandInc / CoS (b)
Spell used at St. Mungo's to treat mental illnessesSN / OoP (b)
Silences something immediatelyInc/ OoP (b)
Causes the victim to vomit slugs for an undefined period of timeSN / CoS (b)
A delayed-action jinx which writes the word 'sneak' across someone's face in pimples if they break an agreement they signSN / OoP (b)
Magnifies the spell caster’s voiceInc / GoF (b)
Causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical propertiesInc / HBP (b)
Detects those under magical disguiseSN / DP (b)
Causes the target object or creature to stretch (extend in length)SN / HBP (b)
Produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red weltsSN / OoP (b)
Puts the victim in an unconscious stateInc / GoF (b)
Effect Unknown. The day before his O.W.L. exam for Charms, Seamus Finnigan was reciting the definition of this charm aloudSN /OoP (b)
Causes the target to have superior senses than beforeSN / DH (b)
Causes two objects to be switched for one anotherSN / PS (b)
A jinx placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created that alerts the caster to the location of the speakerSN / DH (b)
A charm used for dragon careSN / GoF (b)
Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollablyInc / CoS (b)
Siphons material from a surfaceInc / HBP (b)
An unspecified bit of nastiness which can be cast on someone who steals somethingSN / QTA (b)
A waterfall that can be released over the track at Gringotts that has the effect of washing away all enchantments and magical concealmentsSN / DH (b)
An extremely dangerous magical effect, allows a person to travel back in timeSN/ PoA (b)
Causes the target's toenails to grow alarmingly fastSN / HBP (b)
The charm that detects magical ability around under-seventeensSN / DH (b)
Gilderoy Lockhart suggested that it was this curse that 'killed' Mrs Norris after she was really found petrified on a torch bracketSN / CoS (b)
Causes the victim to trip and fallSN / OoP (b)
Causes the ears of the victim to wiggle and twitch uncontrollablySN / GoF (b)
Causes an object to become unbreakableSN / GoF (b)
Causes a vow taken by a witch or wizard to be inviolable; if he or she should break it, the consequence is deathSN / HBP (b)
Causes a container's capacity to be increased, without changing the object's external appearanceSN / DH (b)
A magical effect on a place; makes it impossible to plot its location on a mapSN / GoF (b)
Vanishes a snakeinc / CoS (f)
Causes small objects to be launched through the airInc / PoA (b)
Levitates objectsInc / PS (b)

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