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Can you name the X-Men Codenames from A to Z?

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Forced Order
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LetterCode NameReal Name
AWarren Kenneth Worthington III
BDr. Henry Philip McCoy
CScott Summers
DWade Wilson
EJoshua Foley
FJoanna Cargill
GRemy Etienne LeBeau
HAlexander Summers
IRobert Louis Drake
JCain Marko
KXi'an Coy Manh
LHeather Cameron
MMax Eisenhardt/Erik Lehnsherr
LetterCode NameReal Name
NKurt Wagner
OKarima Shapandar
PRachel Anne Grey
QPietro Django Maximoff
RAnna Marie
SVictor Creed
TNeal Shaara
UPatrick Nesbitt
VGabriel Summers
WJames Howlett
XKuan-Yin Xorn
ZKenji Uedo

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