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ClueAnswerLetters Per Word
Moon starer10
They see3,4
Bra sets?7
Trims cash9
I'll make a wise phrase7,11
Woman hitler6,2,3
Here come dots3,5,4
Where moist6,4
Liberal bod6,4
He bugs Gore6,4
A Stew, Sir?8
Very Cool, Talentless Star5,9,8
Permeating living rooms10,11
I'm a dot in place1,7,5
ClueAnswerLetters Per Word
Retard shown6,5
Dirty Room9
Alas! No more Z's6,6
End is a car spin8,5
Elegant Man1,9
Built to stay free6,2,7
Evil's Agent10
One cool dance musician7,6,7
Eleven plus two6,4,3
Attaineth its cause, freedom3,6,6,2,7
A rope ends it11
Has to pilfer10
Docile as man tamed it12,6
Mans crisis10

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