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Can you name the trivia answers about the Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire?

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Who is the protagonist of this film?
He is played by...
He lives in the country of...
And works as a...
As a boy, he tries to get an autograph from Bollywood star...
His older brother is...
He is played by...
He and his brother are familiar with this famous book by Alexandre Dumas, but they do not know the third character's name.
While the two brothers are riding on trains, this song by M.I.A. is playing.
After the death of their mother, the two boys meet this young girl.
She is played by...
What does the gangster Maman force the trio to do for him?
What does Maman almost do to the trio in order to make them more profitable?
Which member of the trio does not make it onto the train?
Where do the two remaining children pretend to be tour guides at?
What makes the girl, in Maman's eyes, a potentially very expensive prostitute?
Who kills Maman?
What time is the the girl supposed to wait for the protagonist at the train station?
Who gives the girl a phone and a car?
What does the older brother fill the bathtub with?
Which lifeline does the protagonist use on the gameshow?
What are the older brother's last words?
Who is the third Musketeer?
What song do the two lovers dance to at the end?
Who directs this film?
Who wrote the book that inspired this film?
Older Malik: 'The man with the ____ __ says shut up!'
Protagonist's Love Interest: 'I thought we would meet only in _____.'
Maman: 'Cheeky little ______!'
Prem Kumar: 'The _________ has done it again!'
Prem Kumar: 'What? Am I nervous? It's you who's in the ___ ____, my friend!'
Prem Kumar: 'What the hell can a _______ possibly know?'
Javed: 'My enemy's _____ is a friend.'
Name an Oscar, besides Best Picture, that Slumdog Millionaire won.

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