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Can you name the romantic connections throughout Scrubs?

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Forced Order
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Mother of JD's first child 
This lawyer pretty much forced this relationship on JD. 
This psychiatrist insisted on calling JD 'Johnny'. 
JD and her broke up over her addiction to pills. 
This girl started dating JD after her current boyfriend contracted an STD. 
She's the TCW! 
Her and JD's relationship ended when JD tried to talk about the future of their relationship. 
JD and her are on and off throughout the series, but they eventually end up together. 
This is Elliot's sorority sister who loves to mack. 
JD went on a date with this girl to make her less attractive in Turk's eyes. She's also a racist thief.  
Dr. Cox's sister-in-law. 
This attractive woman helped JD to realize he lost his mojo. 
Any of these woman are listed by Turk as having dated JD. None of them sound attractive. 
This woman intimidated JD into sex while he was still an intern.  
Told JD at Soccer Camp that he wants to be 'more than friends'. JD thought he meant teammates. Used to wear JD's jersey as 'jammies. Not an actual relationship. 
This man is the father of Elliot's first (expected) child. 
Elliot and this man almost get married. 
Elliot was embarrassed with this man in that she was 'dating a nurse'. 
This injured soldier never creates an actual relationship with Elliot, but they do share a kiss. 
This man meets Elliot when he brings a senior citizen neighbor into the hospital (and then proceeds to convince her to die). 
This dolphin trainer actually ended up dating Kim later in the series. 
This wasn't quite a relationship, but the guy sure thought it was. He even bought Dido for her. 
Dr. Cox
Dr. Cox's ex-wife and mother to his two children, Jack and JD. 
It's heavily implied that Dr. Cox and this woman lived through a failed relationship together. Dr. Cox retains a crush on her during the first part of the series. 
This woman is introduced to Cox through Turk. She is Turk's student. 
This pharmaceutical representative must fight Cox's ex-wife for his affection. 
Other Characters
The Janitor meets and marries this 'normal' girl. 
Ted finally seems to have found love in this adorable ukulele player. 
Danni starts a fight between these two characters at Turk and Carla's wedding. 
This is Kelso's handicapped wife who [finally] passes away in the ninth season. 
This guy claims to have slept with everyone and appreciates hot regardless of gender. 
Lucy Bennett reluctantly begins a relationship with this idiotic airhead. 
Dr. Denise Mahoney begins a relationship with this returned Med School student. 
This doctor is has slept with Jordan, Julie, and Dr. Maddox and apparently murdered his wife (but you can't prove that.) 
Leonard, the big, bi-curious, black security guard with a hook for a hand, has been dating this older woman.  
It is implied in the Season Eight finale that Izzy Turk becomes engaged to this boy in the future. 

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