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Forced Order
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This real estate agent is played by Steve Carell's real life wife. 
After being dumped by his real estate agent, Michael invites this corporate higher up to Sandals with him. This sparks a long and dysfunctional relationship between the two 
After sworn enemy, Toby Flenderson, moves to Costa Rica this new HR rep and Michael fall for each other since they are both huge dorks. They have reunited after her transfer to Nashua and has resumed dating Michael..  
Her and Michael meet up at Pam's wedding and proceed to date much to Pam's dismay. Michael dumps her on her 58th birthday. 
Michael 'falls in love' with this girl after seeing her picture in a magazine. He is crushed to find that she is already dead. 
This woman meets Michael at a coffee shop where he treats her rudely because she is a bit homely. 
This bar owner recently dated Michael. 
Michael tried to kiss this person during the Diwali episode. 
Michael kisses this person to prove that he doesn't have a problem with gay people. 
Michael seems to be in love with this former temp for the good portion of the beginning of the series. 
Jim, Dwight, and Andy
This purse salesperson is the 'hot girl'. 
Jim asks this corporate employee out after riding on the Booze Cruise with her. 
This sales employee works with Jim at the Stamford Branch. They are both transfered to Scranton after Stamford closes.  
Jim's feelings for this receptionist turned sales rep have existed since before the start of the show itself. Things finally seem to be going right for Jim with their marriage and the arrival of their daughter, Cecelia Marie. 
Dwight begins (secretly) dating this uptight woman early on. They continue their relationship until Dwight euthanizes her cat. 
Dwight makes out with a girl in a NYC Club that plays what sport? 
Dwight hooks up with this friend of Pam's at her wedding. 
Andy picks this woman up in Season 4, much to Dwight's horror. 
Andy tries to woo Pam with this song on banjo 
Andy seriously connects with this new employee and they dated for a little while..  
Other Characters
Phyllis is married to this refrigeration guru. 
Pam was engaged to this person for three years. 
Until the beginning of season 3, the office thought this person to be Oscar's roommate. However, he was really Oscar's boyfriend. 
Kelly Kapoor won't leave this poor guy alone. 
Kelly also dates this warehouse worker. 
Pam went on a double date with this boring cartoonist. 
This person divorced his wife, Cathy. It's a fact that is constantly rubbed in his face by Michael. 
Oscar introduced Holly to a date who taught Oscar this practice 
Holly stops dating this guy after giving him an ultimatum 
Pam dated this hotshot a few times, but he never called her back because he thought she was a 'dork'. 
Kevin was engaged to this girl. 
Kevin met this girl and made out with her at Cafe Disco. 
This office employee's extra-marital affair was exposed by, of course, Michael. 
This person has an intense crush on Pam, which leads him to move to Costa Rica 
Erin has started to date this painfully boring Sabre pawn. 
Angela began dating this senator. Oscar has his suspicions. 

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