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Forced Order
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Metal Gear Solid
Who is the first man that Snake is to rescue? 
Who is the duel gun wielding FOXHOUND resident 'cowboy' and first boss of the game? 
Who is the bulky Inuit shaman member of FOXHOUND who uses a large machine gun? 
Who is the mind reading masked member of the FOXHOUND terrorists? 
Who is the sharpshooting FOXHOUND femme fatale? 
Who is the only FOXHOUND member to never be seen in his true form? 
Who is the ringleader of FOXHOUND and clone-brother to Solid Snake? 
What vital piece of information can be found on the back of the game's case? 
Who is the second man rescued (and killed) by Snake? 
What is Campbell's first name? 
What is the historically signifigant name used by the stranger who warns Snake about the Claymore Mines? 
Which Metal Gear is Snake looking to deactivate/destroy? 
Which two Nintendo characters can be found in Hal Emmerich's lab? *Only in Twin Snakes* 
Revolver Ocelot: 'I love to ________ during a battle' 
Hal Emmerich's nickname is short for this anime gathering. 
Which gun is found in the truck in the beginning of the game? 
What five letter name appears in green letters during the Psycho Mantis battle? 
Snake claims that Meryl has the eyes of a what? 
Who does Otacon develop a crush on? 
What is the Ninja's Codename? 
If Meryl dies, what item do you get? 
If Meryl lives, what item do you get? 
Sniper Wolf is of what nationality? 
Who is the first FOXHOUND member to die? 
The only real name that Gray Fox can remember for himself is: 
Which item acts as the three keys used to 'deactivate' Metal GEAR 
Who guards the prison cells and has irritable bowel syndrome? 
Ninja: That's it, Snake. Hurt me more! Make me feel _____ _____! 
What killed Baker, Octopus, and Liquid? 
Equipping this item will keep you safe from the wolf-dogs. 
Who is the only FOXHOUND rebel to survive Shadow Moses? 
What does Snake say his first name is? 
Sniper Wolf: 'Gunfire, sirens and screams... they were my _______...' 
Snake is led to believe that Meryl is of this relation to Campbell 
Meryl is really Campbell's _________ 
Raven says that he excels at this physical and spiritual Alaskan Indian-Eskimo Olympic event 
If you let Meryl die, Otacon quotes this famous author. 
Liquid poses as this old buddy of Snake in order to gain inside information. 
Liquid flies this helicopter in an attempt to get rid of Snake. 
Revolver Ocelot double wields this 'greatest gun ever made'. 
What ethnic slur towards Russians did Raven call Ocelot after his first battle with Snake? 
What did Sniper Wolf call Big Boss? 
Who is the genetically inferior Big Boss clone? 
What day was Otacon's father born on? 
Ninja: Only a fool trusts his life to a _______! 
Who voices Solid Snake in the English game? 
Who is the genetically superior Big Boss clone? 
Who does Snake blame for Wolf shooting Meryl? 
If you punch Meryl and hide under a box around the wolf puppy, what does the pup do? 
What item can be used to break out of prison? 
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
What are the two chapters of this game? 
Who is the first playable character? 
What nationality are the mercenaries that take over the boat? 
Spell Olga's last name. 
What Shadow Moses survivor is lurking around the boat? (Besides Snake, of course) 
If you call Otacon from inside a locker, Otacon relates the moment to the first time they met. Snake responds'Not unless I ___ __ _____.' 
What Anti-Metal Gear group did Otacon and Solid Snake join (and found)? 
What branch of the US Military is aboard the ship? 
What is the name of the device that snapped a photo of Snake (And his Up + B move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl)? 
What is the name of the Commandant that is giving a speech to his comrades while Snake is sneaking around? 
What is Olga's father's first name? 
Who seemingly takes over the mind of Ocelot right before he steals Metal Gear? 
Which model is the Metal Gear in this game? 
Upon the close of this chapter, who is assumed dead by the rest of the world? 
How many years are in between the two chapters? 
What codename does Raiden first choose for himself? 
What is the name of the Decontamination Facility? 
Who is the leader of Dead Cell? 
Who is the vampiric member of Dead Cell responsible for the massacre of SEAL Team 10? 
What item can be found in the very first room in the chapter by crawling under the fence and piping? 
What is the full name of the only survivor of SEAL Team 10? 
Who is the 'telekinetic', heavily armed, femme fatale of Dead Cell? 
Who is the bomb disposal expert that meets up with Raiden? 
What is Raiden's real first name? 
Who is the explosive, overweight, roller-blading member of Dead Cell? 
Who is Fortune in a relationship with? 
Which hostage has a pacemaker? 
What is the name of the secret government group controlling everything that happens in the facility? 
Who shoots President Johnson? 
What is the name of Otacon's step-sister? 
Who stabs Emma on the Oil Fence? 
What name does the Cyber Ninja choose for itself after Raiden reacts to Deepthroat? 
What was Raiden's nickname in the Small Boy's Unit? 
What did the Patriots take from Olga? 
Who is Mr. X? 
Who does Otacon find out is actually a piece of Artificial Intelligence? 
What was the Shell Incident a simulation of? 
What man was Vamp in a bisexual relationship with? 
How much money did Dead Cell demand? 
What does Vamp call Fortune? 
What is the name of the core Patriot AI? 
In which Strut does Stillman meet his end? 
Atop which building does Solidus fight Raiden? 
Vamp: 'Unfortunately, Hell had no ________.' 
Pliskin: 'I can't begin to count the number of agents whose lives were saved by a _________ ___..'  
Whose last words about fighting for what you believe in does Pliskin quote? 
Who is Pliskin? 
Olga: 'I grew up on the battlefield. ________ ___ _______ were my parents.'  
When Colonel explains the concepts of Nodes, what does Raiden hear instead of Nodes? 
What name do the Russian Soldiers aboard the Tanker call Ocelot? 
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
During what 'war' does the game take place? 
What are the names of the two chapters in the game? 
What adjective does Big Boss use instead of Solid? 
Snake is an agent of what organization? 
What is the name of the scientist that Snake must rescue? 
Who is Snake's mentor? 
What villain from Shadow Moses makes an appearance as the leader of his own unit? 
What is the name of the missile launching tank sought after by the terrorists? 
What is the name of the 'shocking' GRU soldier who the scientist warns Snake about? 
What is the historical name of the missile used by the terrorists? 
What is the unit of villains that were hired by Volgin? 
Who defects to the Soviets on the bridge? 
What dangerous cosmetic is confiscated from the captured KGB officer, Tatyana? 
What is Major Zero's other codename? Think David Bowie. 
What are the names of the two operatives that Snake must meet up with during the second chapter? 
Which of the two operatives does not show up to the meeting? 
Which stinging Cobra does Snake battle in the cave? 
What is the only snake that tastes 'bad'? 
Who is the drunk Russian scientist that Snake finds instead of the one from the first chapter? 
Which stealthy and poisonous member of the Cobras does Snake kill next? 
What happens to a Cobra after their hearts stop beating? 
Ocelot: 'This bitch is wearing _______!' 
Who is the elderly, sharpshooting Cobra? 
What pet does he have? 
Who must Snake disguise himself as? 
... who bears a striking resemblance to what Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty character? 
This fiery astronaut Cobra nearly barbacues Snake. 
Your contact, Sigint, later grows up to be what important character? 
What recharges Snake's batteries and positively confuses Para-Medic? 
Who was Volgin in a homosexual relationship with? 
Who is Tatyana really? 
Major Zero: 'They're not cookies, they're ______.' 
What is the name of the ghostly former Cobra? 
What stabs Eva right above the hip? 
What is the name of the Boss' signature gun? 
Name one of the white snakes found in the field during the fight with The Boss. 
What does Ocelot say his real name is? 
The mini-game, Snake Vs. Monkey, includes apes from what popular game series? 
What legendary snake will give Snake the Infinity face paint if it is kept alive until the end of the game? 
Ocelot: 'Ocelot: 'Reloading like this... is a __________.'.  
The Cold War camouflage features the flags of which two countries? 
Which camo will eliminate footstep noise? 
Who is The Boss' child? 
Snake: 'The earth was blue, but there was no ___.' 
What codename does Lyndon B. Johnson bestow upon Snake? 
Which camo will protect you from insects? 
Who was The Boss' lover? 
Whose grave does Snake visit at the end of the game? 
Which camo will recharge your stamina when you stand in the sunlight? 
Who was ADAM? 

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