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Can you name the plot points about Legend of Dragoon?

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Forced Order
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Who is the main character?
Where does the main character begin his journey?
Who is taken away by a group of soldiers at the beginning of the game?
... and she is taken to what prison?
What valiant knight do you meet at the prison?
Who destroys the giant cave snake, Urobolus?
This last member of the Gigantos invades Hoax and has never been defeated before!
This dark loner from the beginning of the game joins you after your fight with the Giganto.
Greham has control over the Jade Dragon named...
The unique battle with this woman involves a test of sorts. The reward is the Silver Dragoon Spirit
The main character is strong, but is unable to defeat this white haired warrior in Lohan
This elderly fighting master is an old friend of the main character.
You must fight this scary ogre a second time at Helena Prison
Who is killed by the masked man in Hellena Prison?
Who joins your party in place of your fallen party member?
Who gets Emperor Dole's Dragoon Spirit at the end of Disc One?
Whose dragoon is stolen in the Barrens?
This peppy girl joins you in Donau with her large hammer.
What is the white/blue haired race of ancient people called?
Who gets Lenus's Dragoon?
Miranda takes over for which ill member of the group?
Which Dragon attacks the crystal palace?
Which character is in possession of the Dragon Buster?
This man, thought to be dead, permanently takes possession of the Red Eyed Dragoon Spirit.
This is the final boss of the game.

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