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This rude oaf was Hannibal's first victim.
This Nazi was first in Hannibal's quest to avenge his little sister.
This man was dispatched to kill Hannibal. Hannibal outsmarted him and drowned him in formaldehyde.
By the time Hannibal caught up with him, this man was a reformed family man.
This man was the ringleader of the Nazis who killed Mischa.
Hannibal had to track this final Nazi to Canada
This man was responsible for capturing Hannibal, but suffered a stab wound from the doctor.
This child molester was assigned to Dr. Lecter for treatment. Instead, Lecter had him carve his own face off. He was able to survive, but was severely disfigured and disabled.
This flautist was killed by Lecter for his below par musicianship and his whining during appointments. A few of his organs were fed to the Baltimore Philharmonic Board of Directors
This victim inspired a famous quote about beans and fine alcohol. The victim's name is unknown.
While Lecter never physically touched this mental health patient, he was directly responsible for his suicide. Hannibal's reason was that the patient was rude to Clarice Starling.
This woman was treating Lecter when he savagely attacked her and swallowed her tongue. His pulse never went over 85. Her name is unknown.
When authorities drugged Lecter to learn the location of this victim, Lecter gave them a recipe for dip. The victim's name is unknown.
These two police officers were brutally murdered by Lecter during his escape.
This arrogant doctor was presumably murdered by Lecter after his escape.
Lecter killed this man to get his position. His name is unknown.
This detective in Italy deduced Lecter's identity, but sought financial gain by selling Lecter to a past victim for revenge. Lecter cut open his stomach and hung him from the balco
One of the Sardinians hired to kidnap Lecter and bring him back to America
This pickpocket was hired to obtain Lecter's fingerprints. He ended up with a severed femoral artery.
This man was shot in the head with a crossbow and placed in the 'Blood Eagle' position.
This rude government agent had his brain eaten by Lecter and himself while still alive.

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