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Can you name the lyrics for Gogol Bordello songs??

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BeginningEndSong (Words in Answer)
From screen to screen they're travelin'...Wonderlust King (5)
I think it may started rumor...Supertheory of Supereverything (7)
What da hell can you do, my friend?...Tribal Connection (8)
Have you ever been to American Wedding?American Wedding (7)
Sally was a fifteen year old girl from Nebraska.Sally (7)
Sitting in the Russian bath house on the Avenue B...Avenue B (10)
Start wearing purple for me now.Start Wearing Purple (9)
Illuminating realization number one: Illumination (11)
BeginningEndSong (Words in Answer)
Love is a voice of a savage soul.Undestructable (5)
You know the older you will get...When the Trickster Starts A-Pokin [Bordello Kind of Guy] (6)
Welcome to the Hutzovina BorderOccurrence on the Border (5)
So that's when I pull over a taxi-co...Punk Rock Parranda (6)
Daddies of the girls, they don't like us singers.Smarkatch (9)
And as we crossing border after border...Through the Roof 'n' Underground (6)
You are a liar...God-Like (4)

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