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Can you name the directors who use these common elements?

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Forced Order
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Recurring ElementsDirector
Sociopaths, Slow Motion, Freeze Frames, Angelic Blondes, New York City, Corruption
Stoners in Front of Public Places, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Cursing, Mooby's
Classical Music, Slideshow Credits, 'The End', Stare with Head Pointed Down and Eyes Pointed Up, Parallel Walls, Bathroom Scenes
Wide Angle Lenses, Rush Cams, Disguised Cuts, Camera Angles That Hide Things
Voice-Overs, Bruce Campbell, Abusing Actors, Rush Cams, Camera Following a Projectile, Rapid Dolly Shots
Director Appearing On-Screen as a Cameo, Suspense, Birds, the MacGuffin, Mistaken Identity, Charming Sociopaths, Brandy, Blondes
Feel Good Theme, Unselfish Characters, Hard Work, Wholesomeness
Recurring ElementsDirector
Brooklyn, Floating Effect, Baseball, Cameos, John Turturro
Nuclear Holocaust, Technological Wonders, Romantic Subplot, Humans Repeating Mistakes, Strong Female Characters, Greed
Different Senses of Humor, Samuel L. Jackson, Blaxploitation Influences, Uma Thurman, Violence
Psychoanalysis, Screwball Sex Comedies, Diane Keaton, Jazzy Black and White Title Sequences
Love Interests Named Mary, 'The heart wants what the heart wants', Slapstick and Toilet Humor, Disabilities, New England
Fast editing, Explosions, Action-Adventure, High Budget
Supernatural Plots, Twist Endings, Filming Around Philadelphia

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