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Can you name the celebrities aged 16-100 with the hints given?

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16Child actor that has worked with Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro, and Tom Cruise
17School of Rock actress turned Nickelodean cash crop
18Incredibly famous daughter of the guy who sang 'Achy Breaky Heart'
19Teen Mom and younger sister to a memorable pop princess
20Girls all over America envy for her for what she gets to do with Robert Pattinson.
21The Boy Who Lived
22He sees dead people
23Malicious co-star of the 21 year old on this list
24Pop Icon with a strange sense of style
25Swimmer that dabbles in cannabis use
26Third winner of American Idol
27They tried to make her go to Rehab.
28Rap star recently freed after eight months in prison
29Ditzy heiress to a hotel franchise
30Doesn't know whether Chicken of the Sea is chicken or fish
31Hasidic Jew mixed with reggae
32R&B star that took Justin Bieber under his wing
33Her hips don't tell fibs.
34Lover of milksteak and Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
35Ex-webhead and Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-like
36Jackass daredevil with his own face tattooed on his back
37Intern that Bill Clinton DID NOT have sexual relations with
38Actress assaulted by Matt Dillon in Crash
3980's popstar famous for 'I Think I'm Alone Now'
40Sarah Silverman 'slept with him', causing Jimmy Kimmel to sleep with Ben Affleck
41He's been the Hulk, a white supremacist, and a rhino.
42Daughter of the King
43Jack Bauer
44Collaborated with her recently deceased brother on the song Scream
45Guns 'N' Roses Guitarist playable on Guitar Hero 3
46Snagged the Best Actress Oscar as Leigh Anne Tuohy
47Musician with Faith caught being naughty in a Men's bathroom
48Rubber-faced funny man from Dumb and Dumber
49Former Democratic senator from Illinois replaced by Roland Burris
50Caught with prostitute Divine Brown and launched her into stardom
51Canadian singer of Summer of 69
52Talk show host formerly known as Dory the fish
53American Beauty actress who has had a Best Actress Oscar stolen from her three times, twice by Hilary Swank and once by Natalie Portman. Also replaced Osama Bin Laden on this quiz...
54Braveheart actor with loose lips
55John McClane and the voice of the baby from Look Who's Talking.
56Opinionated director of Sicko and Bowling for Columbine
57Former Prime Minister of the UK, Bush's lapdog
58Almost eaten in two out of the three Jurassic Park movies
59Every breath you take, he'll be watching you
60Psychologist who enjoys putting your personal problems on television. Buddies with Oprah
61Actor from Michael Clayton, Rush Hour, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
62Crusader against Global Warming that claimed he invented the Internet
63Author of Cujo and The Body
64You're fired.
65The Fonz, himself
66Short loudmouth on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
67Made sure his family got to Wally World in National Lampoon's Vacation
68Dr. Kimble from The Fugitive
69Legendary songwriter that let us know that the times are a-changin'.
70Cordell Walker and the butt of many, many jokes about manlieness
71Estranged father of Angelina Jolie
72Got the Best Actor Oscar for eating people with beans and wine.
73All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
74Actor/Director with several onscreen instances of a bromance with Paul Newman, such as The Sting
76Long time Independent candidate for the presidency of the United States.
77Country music icon with a cameo in the Chappelle stoner flick, Half Baked
78Legendary actress of Hollywood's Golden Age and buddy to Michael Jackson
79Captain James T. Kirk and T.J. Hooker
80Dirty Harry and The Man with No Name
81Abusive father of the King of Pop
82Adorable child star of the 1930s
83Legendary playwright who always has a show on Broadway
84The Queen
85Blues musician with a guitar named Lucille
86Friendly 39th President of the United States
87Ran against Bill Clinton in 1996
88Comedy Icon from Your Show of Shows
89First American to orbit the Earth
90Sitarist and mentor to George Harrison
91Folk singer member of The Weavers that popularized 'We Shall Overcome'
92Formerly imprisoned South African president with a striking resemblance to Morgan Freeman
93Really old socialite that slapped a cop
94Spartacus actor and father to Gordon Gekko
95Mr. Drucker on Green Acres
96Animator of Thumper the Rabbit and Disney's famous chipmunks
97Blues musician and one of the two oldest living Delta blues performers still touring
98Mother of the most recent loser of a presidential election
99Russian-American author of Up the Down Staircase
10015th Governor of Washington State

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