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Can you name the relationships in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'?

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Charlie claims to love this woman, but like the other members of The Gang, he doesn't even know her name. 
Charlie's ex-'fiancee' who really turned out to be twelve years old.  
Charlie dated this black girl to prove to his stalking victim that he is not racist. 
Charlie was supposedly the father of this woman's son, but she just needed a babysitter. 
Mac dated this woman, much to Charlie's disgust 
After The Gang visits Frank's ex-wife's house, Mac bangs this woman. 
Mac fakes caring about abortion in order to bang this woman. 
Mac was once in a relationship with this male to female transsexual. Now she has moved on. 
Both of these two women banged Mac when Paddy's had a contest for their billboard. Then they banged each other. And let him watch. 
Charlie gets married to this person at the beginning of Season Six 
Dennis/Sweet Dee
Dennis uses the D.E.N.N.I.S. System to bang this pharmacist 
On-stage, this woman plays Dennis' lover. He was a boy and now is a man and she is in love with him. 
Dennis tries to seduce this fashion designer and high school friend of Dee's.  
This woman harbors a crush on Dennis. He constantly leads her on for his own personal gain. 
This high school girl asked Dennis to the prom to get back at her ex-boyfriend. 
This 'retarded' rapper date Dee for a little while. 
This high school boy used Sweet Dee to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and to acquire alcohol. 
Dee led this former man of the cloth on just as she had in high school. 
Dee blows this soldier off when she assumes that he is disabled. He merely twisted his ankle. 
Dee went to high school with this guy and she has an affair with him after they're married. 
Dennis somehow ends up married to this person at the beginning of Season Six 
Frank and Others
This high school flame of the Waitress (and Dee) proposed to her, only to dump her as revenge. 
This family all engage in incestuous, bisexual relationships with each other. 
Charlie's mom used to bang for money with men dressed as this religious character. 
This humanitarian is Dennis and Dee's actual father. Dennis and Dee's Mom neglected to tell him about the twins because Frank was wealthier. 
Gladys' grandmother was a lesbian and had an affair with this famous woman. 
Dennis and Mac both make up stories about this girl's grandfather, Lionel, in order to impress her. 
This Israeli businessman briefly dated Frank's ex-wife and tried to take over the bar. 
Ryan and Liam accused this gym teacher of molesting them.  
Nobody likes to salt her.  
Frank's golddigging ex-wife 
Frank tried to bang her, but when she refused, he went and got a handy from her daughter. 
Frank had a one-night stand with this woman and resumes the relationship briefly 30 years later. 
Frank had a brief relationship with this strange best friend of Dee 
Frank gets married to this person in order to get them help with health care. 
Frank severely angers Charlie by banging this woman. 

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