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What the gladers call their 'doctors'
WICKED stands for...
Name of the forest in the glade
the first key word the gladers get from the maps
What Alby used to get Ben away from Thomas
When cranks loose their minds they are______
The food Brenda and Jorge give the gladers when they first meet
Blondie, Ponytail, and _______
The color of the safe haven flag
Teresa gave this to Thomas to fight the bulb monsters
What do you experience if you get hit by a launcher
The city the group flies to first
The color of the flare tester's shirt at the cafe
The place where Newt was in the crank palace
The food Thomas would eat before his surgery
What Trina is doing at the beginning of the book
'Watch out for the ugly man with no____'
PFC stands for...
The name of the weapon Alec and Mark find

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