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Being kind to everyone simply means there's no one special.
I love this game that people call 'life' from the bottom of my heart.
Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is going to make the blood look so pretty.
The world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful.
Only two kind of people exist in this world. Those who steal and those who are stolen from.
Life is basically like a soap bubble. It rides on the wind, flying here and there. And before you realize it *pop* it's gone ...
Only the victors are allowed to live. This world is merciless like that.
To know what is right and to choose to ignore it is the act of a coward.
We are nothing like God. Not only do we have limited powers, but sometimes we are driven to become the Devil himself.
We are all like fireworks, rising, shining, scattering and finally fading.
Don't give up! There's no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!
When will a war end? When somebody wins.
That's right. Our weakness is that we are utterly stupid.
People don't fear God, fear itself is God.
Well, if I had to give a reason for my actions, I guess it's because I love people. I guess I wanted to see the faces that the mankind has to offer.
I'm crazy?! What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you.
Liars make promises all the time! A promise is the one thing you should never trust !
Once you carve your path, all that's left is to walk it.
Not everyone who works hard is rewarded. However all those who succeed have worked hard.
A person can change at the moment when the person wishes to change.
If everything becomes weird, then I'm normal, right ?
Even if I'm dead, I want everyone to get along !

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