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Can you name the coastal countries of Africa?

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Start by typing Somalia, then go clockwise around the coast
Setting of the movie 'Cheetah'
Setting for the TV series 'Expedition Africa'
Has sillouettes of guns in its flag
Hosted the 2010 World Cup
Has a panhandle called the Caprivi Strip
Has an exclave province called Cabinda Province
Used to be known as Zaire
Name is similar to the previous answer
Country is slightly smaller than Colorado
Named after the line of latitude it's closest to
Name derived from a portuguese word meaning shrimps
Shares a similar name with it's neighbor to the north
Country is shaped like a torch
Name has 4 letters and so does its capital
The name means Warrior King
Country is known by both its english and french names
Capitol is named after the 5th US president
Two words. the 1st of which is used in the name of a US mountain range
A popular pet rodent is named after it
Name is similar to the previous answer
Its flag is similar in design to Cameroon
Country centers entirely around the river it's named after
Name is similar to one of Africa's island countries
The city of Casablanca is located here.
The Name of the country is similar to the name of the capital
Northern most country of Africa
Flag used to be one color, green
Country of the great pyramids
In 2011 the southern part became it's own country
Country is shaped like a horn (the musical kind)
Formerly the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas

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