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Can you name the 2011 anime series the anagrams refer to?

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Predawn Uranium GumSummer
Epicure TruesWinter
Die Kimono Kit!Winter
Silk Salad AmmoSummer
I Aim In KirkFall
A Headline Gook SoupWinter
Antedates Hook Union SnoopSpring
Oh Icky Aim!Summer
Loathed MeritsSummer
Bet NoFall
Teasing SetSpring
Cog SkiWinter
Hex Return HuntFall
Oh, I Shank A AuraSpring
Crevasse EndSummer
Bazooka Midweek UserWinter
Huh... Curia FayFall
Goad SirupSummer
Gay OddsSpring
A Naiad RhinoSpring
A Baa Magic Duo Uh It Skunk WooFall
Brandying TuneSpring
Humane Sukiyaki RumsFall
Ocean Ox RiotsSpring
Grief ZenWinter
Raise! Hook Union Oozy JunkFall
Belugas Hook UnionismFall
Tea FrozeFall
A Mojo Duo Magma Chaos HaikuWinter
Fecal ArtWinter
Hair MoodsSpring
National Soda HankSummer
A Notifiers StintWinter
Automata Ingenuous KirksSummer
Anaemia Muck Shoo MomSummer
Banana Kookiest Shutout JutSummer
Wry Logic NutFall
Re: Ye I Murk YumWinter
Sharia Hazers Haiku HookSpring
Landward Damned OneSpring

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